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Originally posted July 2013.  Revised January, 2014 When I glanced at the cover, I thought I was looking at

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Richard Denison Taylor (R. Taylor), illustrator of “Fractured French.”

Richard Denison Taylor (R. Taylor), illustrator of “Fractured French.” Actually, this book is a “…collection of mots, liberally interpreted by F. S. Pearson and indiscreetly illustrated by R. Taylor…”  At least that is what the flyleaf states.

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Cartonists from “Liberte Cherie”, Fernand Hazan, Editor

Fernand Hazan, Editor of “Liberté Chérie.” Wikipedia has a French entry for Hazan.   You can also follow the link for a transliteration.  In any case we find that he had a publishing house, briefly taken over by the German occupiers … Continue reading

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