Tohby Riddle

Tohby-Riddle author photo

1965 – Still going strong

Author photo courtesy of google images.


I found this book at Berkelouw Books, Paddington, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

According to Wikipedia: Tohby Riddle is an Australian creator of picture books and illustrated books

I am not certain what the difference is between a picture book and an illustrated book. So, here we have a definitive discussion of the two types of books.

Insert picture vs illustrated book

Picture vs Illustration book

The above is courtesy of The Singapore Book Council Academy,

And now you know.

Also, accordion to Wikipedia, he has 24 books. Their list is long, but here is the first one, Careful With that Ball, Eugene! (1989, US 1991, UK 1991) and the latest,Nobody Owns the Moon (2019, 10th anniversary reissue) I guess he actually, has 23 original books, as the last one is a reprint. Our book sits in the middle of this list as it was published in 2003. And since it is now 2019, there are probably more published works.

You can learn more about him in this biograph, courtesy of JRank which is an interesting search engine. Give them a peek.  However, I was not able to set up an account. Still and all, an interesting site.

He has his own blog, and a facebook page 

Both his blog and facebook sites go into detail on his other books.

His web page, seems to be under construction (May 2019).

From the back cover of this book, we have the following:

For some years now, Tohby Riddle has been drawing a little box on a trusty piece of paper and putting an idea – sometime funny, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes just curious – into it. This book is a selection of those ideas.

And from information in this book we are told that it is ‘Tohby’s first collection of cartoons’.

So, on to the cartoons. Some have only captions, some only dialogue and a few with neither.

I’ll start off with the one that I really like.


Then on to the dialogue free offerings.



I think I would consider the next one as a category of lets never invite them over again.


And on to relationships.



Oh, well. How about a little self improvement.



The next two are for all of us who like to write. We like to think that we all have a book in us. But…


And of course, along with the joys of putting pen to paper (keyboard to computer?) come the drawbacks.


The Environment is always a good topic.



Which brings us to the workplace.



And a kind of business related cartoon.


And the ever present motivational poster in the lunch room.


I tried to think up a rousing caption for the above cartoon, ‘be a self starter’, ‘work is its own reward’, etc. I gave up. I am certain that those of you who have these types of posters staring down on you can come up with a suitable caption á la Dilbert©.

I assume that the next cartoon is for the obligatory formal dinner after work.


Let us finally leave work and pursue happiness.



Or, a little Biology 100.


Which brings us to the end.


Hope you enjoyed them.


PS, I didn’t put the one in, that in this day and age would get the pitch forks and flaming touches out. I thought it was funny. If you get the book it is the last cartoon.


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