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When I glanced at the cover, I thought I was looking at Michael Leunig’s Vasco Pyjama  (see “The Second Leunig, A Dusty Little Swag” from 1994).

However, while the drawings are similar, the  cartoons by Eales are not quite as cutting.  So, we will leave Leunig, and learn a bit about Stan Eales.

From his website,  he tells us:

I was born in New Zealand in 1962. In 1987 I moved to the UK, shortly thereafter my first cartoon was published here (which, incidentally, was on the front cover of Punch, no less). I have had many cartoons published in Punch, Private Eye, The Spectator and Playboy USA, amongst other magazines. I have had several books published and truck-loads of greetings cards. My main love is the humble, single panel gag cartoon. My influences are the New Yorker cartoonists, especially Chas Addams, and Saul Steinberg. I also have a soft spot fot Michael Leunig, cartoonist for The Australian. Gary Larson is also a big favorite.

Ah, Ha!  There was a Leunig influence.

And from “The New Zealand Cartoon Annual” ©1984, he “…was born in Whakatane, 25th June 1962, 8 lbs of boy”.  The three cartoons of his in this publication are what I would call Editorial or Political cartoons.  The style is quite a bit different from that of “Earthtoons” and I wondered if it was by the same cartoonist.  Luckily, I was able to ask Stan Earles about this, and other items.  Here are his comments about that cartoon.  Oh, and he asked if I would be kind enough to delete that cartoon.  He explains:

I did this when I was 22 years old and before I settled into my own style. While I was at the Auckland Star I experimented in a variety of styles as i tried to find my feet. Nobody really likes to show their early, humble scratchings. 

 I have done so many better cartoons since then.  And besides, that was just a ‘job’ – a commissioned portrait, not something from the heart.

So, the cartoon has gone away.  You can always check out the book to see what a twenty-two year old cartoonist, paying his dues will produce…

There is a Stan Eales book on google, “The Great New Zealand Cartoon Book”  copyright 1993.   If it is our Eales, maybe it was published before he moved to the UK.

Again, he comments on the above:

Yes, the Great NZ cartoon book is mine also. I did it when I was in the UK, from a distance, as it were. I never met the publisher or the agent involved. You could also write that I had several eco-cartoon books published in Denmark. 

I am glad he mentioned Denmark, as I had not known that.  Perhaps a  Denmark reader will be familiar with one or more of those books.

As usual, google has a bunch of his artwork.  You can get an idea of his greeting card line there.

He is on the UK Linkedin as a Graphic Designer, with a “special bias and talent for ‘feminine’ design “.  I think the next link will expand on this concept.  On that link, he provides  the following:

I was born in New Zealand in 1962. I studied graphic design in Auckland and then moved to France in 1986. After living in Lyon for 18 months I moved to London and have been there ever since. During this time I worked as a graphic designer for major feminine brands such as Clarins, Bourjois and Christian Dior. I now divide my time between London and Krakow. Krakow is a people-sized city. And the architecture is so full of soul-lifting aesthetic pleasures.

For the moment I have left behind the corporatism that bedevils most contemporary design. I am concentrating on my own interpretation of beauty and aesthetic pleasure.

This site is definitely worth the time to visit, as he has some very interesting illustrations of Goddesses, along with comment:

I depict the way a woman feels about herself or how she would like to be seen. Or, more accurately, how she would wish to be adored.

I wanted to put three of his comments here.

Alas, my cartoon career has not been blessed with luck. The cartoonists that are fortunate enough to secure a regular, lucrative spot or contract are few and far between. I, like so many other cartoonists have had to take up other work. This is not a bad thing however as, not being tied to cartooning and not having to live up to anything–or please hordes of fans–has freed up my mind and allowed me to pursue other artistic aspirations. Hence the Goddesses etc. One day soon I am going to start painting in oils and drawing ‘properly’. Cartooning for me will be a distant memory. I have already forgotten so many of the cartoons that I have done. That could be due to early-onset alzheimers or because what I am doing at the present is more exciting than what I did in the past.

And, on the revision of this page.

I’m looking forward to seeing the revised page in due course and I really appreciate your time and enthusiasm. That is something I miss from my old cartooning days – the passion that a bunch of genial and gifted guys had for their craft and the generosity they had in allowing newcomers in to participate in that world. That’s not something you see too much of amongst the Facebook generation.


Advice for budding cartoonists? Be true to yourself and have the courage to share it… but don’t give up the day job too soon.


I was just thinking, you could also put a link to my Amazon page that lists my books, (including a novel I wrote with my wife)

Also perhaps a link to my cartoon web site…

My pleasure.

I wondered  what the novel was about, and Stan provided the following:

The book I wrote with my wife is a children’s fantasy novel. Aimed at 9-13 year olds. It is only available as a Kindle book at the moment.
So its all about parallel worlds and good and evil. Very much in the Harry Potter realm. Here is the link.

The Ranker website lists five books for him.

He has graciously shared some cartoons I did not have.

 I am attaching some more stuff for you here…
1. Eight of my favourite cartoons from ‘Cashtoons’.
2. Some of mine from a book from last year, a compilation of the best colour cartoons from Punch magazine.

We will start with the ‘Cashtoons’ cartoons.

Advertising campaign_fortune_LR

Businessman shark_LR

Get back into crime_Mafia_LR

Having my idea_LR

More to life than power_LR

My family hell no_LR

One day son_receivers_LR

And now, the Punch cartoons.

Country scene on buildings

Piano player+pollution


The following introduced the readers to Stan.






Stan says, by the way, there is no caption to the cave painting/Warhol cartoon.  I guess you could write your own…

The original post continues.

Well, we kind of got off the subject of Earthtoons.   So, from his book, a few cartoons.

Let us start off with a little tree hugging.


Then a dig at corporate farming.


Then a couple on health matters.



Industry, probably his most favorite target.



Environmental thinking, tongue-in-cheek department.


A real Leuniglike cartoon.


And a few on irony.





Good shopping tip.


Making a better world for all of us.


Oops.  I cut off the caption.  She is saying to him, lovely sunset, this evening.

Food for thought


As Thomas Wolfe said, “you can’t go home again.”


The end.


And, it is.

However, a last note of appreciation to Stan Eales for taking the time to make this a better post.  Thanks, Stan.

And speaking of Stan, here is an update (1/27/14) from him with scans of three of his book covers, and a note of explanation.

I have just done some scan of 3 of my books covers. I thought they might be useful for the page you made of me. Readers of your site might be more interested to search out the books if they can see the covers. By the way, ‘Isn’t Progress Wonderful?’ is the UK version of Earthtoons. Warner Books decided that they didn’t like my title and so gave it their own.

Warner Books did not like Earthtoons?  What is to not like?  I could mutter about corporate American, but these corporate folks are across the pond.  So, here is the cover for “Isn’t Progress Wonderful


And the  next two, “Cashtoons,” and “The Great New Zealand Cartoon Book.”



Again Stan,  thanks for sharing.

I hope everyone is able to locate at least one of these books as they lurk  in the back of the stacks of your favorite used book store.  Or, strut their stuff on-line.  In either case, good hunting.



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