Comic Strips

2 Responses to Comic Strips

  1. Dave Hammel says:


    I am looking for a Grin and Bear It cartoon with, as I recall, Mr Figby. Mr. Figby is in the foreground talking with his home builder. In the background is his wife,who is waving her hands, shouting instructions to the craft workers. The Builder looks at the Husband and says: “Mr Figby, I can builds this house for you for $100,000, or $300,000 with your wife’s help.”

    I am trying to acquire this for a meeting have next week as I am a builder and it perfectly summarized a situation we frequently see.

    • visualhumor says:

      Hi Dave,
      I looked through my books, and also at the vast online Grin and Bear It cartoon collections, and came up empty.
      Sounds like a good cartoon. Be nice if you had a friend who cartooned, and used your name instead of Figby.
      Maybe someone out there has a lead on the Grin and Bear It cartoon.
      Sorry, I couldn’t be of more help.

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