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Going to the Dogs, Part III — Ted Martin and Pavlov

From the sticker on the cover, I guess this one came from Australia. Pavlov, by Ted Martin, is found now only in cartoon collections, Advertisements

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Alex’s Restaurant by Peter Sinclair

As I re-read the book and browsed the various on-line collections, I constantly found myself laughing out loud at the punch line.  Sinclair has a great one-two punch with his visual style and humor.

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Nellie The Nurse

I certainly can not top the blurb on the back of the book.  There is no title page in this book, so I do not know when it was published.  I have another book,

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Grin And Bear It.

Grin and Bear It By George Lichty, 16 May 1905, 18 July 1983. This copy of “Grin and Bear It” is obviously an older copy. Note the price. It is the second printing, 1970 and was originally copyrighted in 1968. … Continue reading

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Broom Hilda, by Russell Myers

  . I first became aware of “Broom Hilda,” when I found her in the comics section of the paper where I lived in the 1970’s.

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Eggheads by Keane and Son

  Here is an interesting collection. The drawings are instantly recognizable as the work of the Keane franchise. This book was published in May, 1983. I don’t know how many papers carried the strip, but I think it only ran … Continue reading

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Nadine Joy Seltzer (8 May 1929 – 20 May 2008)

The two “Sweetie Pie” books. “Sweetie Pie”, 1955 and “More Sweetie Pie,” 1957.  Nowhere in either book is she called anything else than “Sweetie Pie,” so I guess that is her birth name.

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