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Zilch! By Roy Delgado

As the cover says, from Boot Camp to Vietnam, which just about covers it. 

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Hugh Burnett, and his Monks

From something called, Tony’s Trading Site, I found that Hugh Burnett was an author of cartoon books about monks.

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Short Ribs by Frank O’Neal

I do not remember when I first started reading the strip, but I enjoyed it during its run. The above book was printed in 1961, while the Beaumont collection

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Gus, by Orlando Busino

 Front cover. Back cover.  Not often we get a self-portrait of the cartoonist. This collection was published in 1981

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Suburban Cowgirls by Ed Colley and Janet Alfieri

The one on the right is Max, a single mother and morning DJ for WMOM. She has two kids, Jesse, who usually runs around in a batman cape,

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I remember the TV show from the early 1950s which was the genesis of this book.

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Michael T. Hodgson. The book is from the Army Times Publishing Company, copyright 1970.  Given the amount of love between the Army and the US Marine Corps,

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