Will Robertson

Casey and Kyle Front Cover


Casey and Kyle Back cover


Casey and Kyle Cast 01


Casey and Kyle Cast 02

I found this book at Robert’s Books, in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Front of Roberts Books (look for the nose of an airplane sticking out of the side of the building.

Front of Roberts Books

Inside Roberts Books general shot of the stacks.

Inside Roberts Books

The cartoon section.

Cartoon section

If you find yourself in Lincoln City, on the Oregon Coast, this place is right on the main drag, (3412 SE Highway 101 Lincoln City OR 97367) and well worth a two or three hour visit.

They also have a facebook page, with a way better photo of the front of the store. I was there on a Sunday in August and there was absolutely no way that I was going to stand in the middle of Highway 101 for a decent shot. I don’t do speed bump…

Well, back to Casey and Kyle.

Squirt Gun

Inside Voice

Kids nowadays know all about ‘inside voice’. Don’t remember that from my formative years, but then those years were several decades ago.

Eat Peas

We see that his mom is a sly one.

Stranger on Phone

Casey learns well, about strangers.

Cart Land

Ah, yes. The old count to three routine (now up dated). Worked, this time.


Uh, You see, Uh, well, forget it


Good point.

Helicopter Parents

I was going to say something about Helicopter parents, but then I remembered reading about a neighbor calling 911 because a girl was walking her dog in front of the girl’s home. The the girl’s mother could see the child, but the call got a police response and subsequent entanglement with Children’s services.

Rotten Eggs

Well, let’s wrap with Casey and Kyle interacting.



We see that there is another way to view these kids.

A few references, for you to peruse for more information on Robertson and his strip.

A blog post about him and his strip.  And, Just another wordpress site, or so it says.

newspaper article from Albany (Oregon) paper about him and his drawings, and another article this time from the Oregonian (Portland OR).

Also, a video about Will talking about his strip.

As I read through this book, I can’t keep from thinking about Dennis Ketchum. You know him as the kid in Dennis the Menace. His father featured him in a single panel strip, and that strip made him (the father, not Dennis) a millionaire. From a People Magazine article, from 1993, we learn that at that time, The father was working on his third wife, and was a millionaire several times over. He and this wife lived in Pebble Beach, where he worked on his golf game at a near by golf course. His son, Dennis, from his first wife was living in a trailer park in Ohio and working as a tire retread-er.

There was no love lost between father and son. Another article, a blog, actually has the following: Dennis Ketcham served in Vietnam and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. He and his father reportedly had little contact prior to the elder Ketcham’s death in 2001.
Somewhere, I believer it is now behind a pay wall, I read that the elder Ketcham said the only time he heard from his son was when Dennis wanted money. If this is an accurate quote, then it is quite cold, as Dennis provided him with more than a few bucks.

So, as I read the strips based on Casey and his antics, I get an uncomfortable feeling-Where will Casey end up after he is old enough and famous enough to see that possibly his every move had been shared with the world.

At least Casey seems to have a stable home life, as opposed to Dennis who lost his mother to death and his father to fame.

Also, Casey is more of a regional strip, and probably not well known outside of the west coast of the USA.

Stay tuned.



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