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Ken Maynard

KEN MAYNARD I ran across this publication in Sydney.  Actually, in the Kings Cross area.  Great bookshop with a fine selection of all sorts of reading material.  Some of it even suitable for this blog. Ken Maynard joined the Victorian … Continue reading

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Zombie Cartoon Strips

No, not about the critters, but about a class of strips that won’t die.  There is also a sub-category of strips that won’t die, even though the person who drew the strip is no longer on this earth.  Peanuts, is … Continue reading

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I really do not know where or when I picked this one up.  The strips are a hoot. All the animals can talk, and most of them walk upright, chatting with each other and their owners.

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Dogs are a staple in many strips and individual cartoons.  I mentioned “The Dog” in the Footrot Flats strip.  And the obvious prototype from the continuing cartoons of Stanley and his unnamed dog. In no particular order, here are some … Continue reading

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David Fletcher

About the same time I was in New Zealand looking at the Footrot Flats Theme Park, I picked up some cartoon books at a bookstore.  Probably a used book place, but maybe a regular new book place.  One of the … Continue reading

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Murray Ball 26 January 1939 – 12 March 2017

Murray Ball, quite famous in New Zealand, and Australia, is best known for his Footrot Flats books.  I first came across one of his books in a used book shop in San Diego.  I believe it was called, “They’ve put … Continue reading

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