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Tohby Riddle

1965 – Still going strong Author photo courtesy of google images. I found this book at Berkelouw Books, Paddington, Sydney, NSW, Australia. According to Wikipedia: Tohby Riddle is an Australian creator of picture books and illustrated books … I am … Continue reading

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    Our post is on Barry Rickwood, and/or Zmud. The cover of the publication says it contains cartoons from People magazine.  Inside, we see that it was published by Magazine Promotions Australia of Sydney, and printed by Eastern Suburbs … Continue reading

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      Australia celebrated its 200 year anniversary in 1988. Twelve years earlier, in 1976, America celebrated its bicentennial. My wife remembers eventually referring to it as the Bicentacky, as by the end of the year, every trinket and … Continue reading

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NEIL CURTIS January 2, 1950 – December 11, 2006

I found the above photo on flickr.  I believe the photographer is Mimmo Cozzolino. This book is courtesy of Miss Gracie Taylors Pre Loved Books, in Clare, SA.  Thank you,  Nigelle-ann. And thank you, google, for the image. At the … Continue reading

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Full Disclosure Statement. I like snakes.  I have had several over the years.  Usually, I pick them up when out and about and keep them for a while before letting them go.  I did purchase a Rosy Boa one time … Continue reading

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PAUL J. LIVINGSTON and The Flacco Files

  Paul J. Livingston I wondered just what a “deluxe bumper edition” is.  From my searching, it means

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From book. I see that I got this book from Berkelow in Paddington.  I must have left with an armload of books.  Oh, well.  Here is a small photo of the place. I got to thinking that Tohby’s  first name … Continue reading

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I found this last February at the Berkelow Books in Paddington.  The Paddington in

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Neil Matterson’s “Is He Biting Again?”

 I saw a story on a Television “news” program this morning (June 1, 2012) about Military Mothers breastfeeding, while in their uniforms. 

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Ken Maynard

KEN MAYNARD I ran across this publication in Sydney.  Actually, in the Kings Cross area.  Great bookshop with a fine selection of all sorts of reading material.  Some of it even suitable for this blog. Ken Maynard joined the Victorian … Continue reading

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