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St. Vinnie’s

More properly known as The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Just a short blog today to give a shout out to all the thrift stores around the country. I always try to check out bookstores when in other towns, … Continue reading

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The Best of the Rejection Collection

  I came across this book at St. Vinnie’s, here in The Dalles, Oregon. Nice selection, excellent prices. —————————————————————————————————————– There are forty-two cartoonists represented of which I chose four to profile. The book deals with the rejections from The New … Continue reading

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TOM TOLES Oct 22 1951 and still going strong

  Tom Toles, aka Thomas Gregory Toles   I do not remember where I got this, but after paging though it, I realized that while funny, the cartoons are also depressing in that in twenty or so years since they … Continue reading

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In case you are wondering, below is a real crocodile, courtesy of Kakadu National Park, NT, Australia. And no, I did not feel like getting closer. OK, on to the magazine. When I started  looking up information on this magazine, … Continue reading

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NEIL CURTIS January 2, 1950 – December 11, 2006

I found the above photo on flickr.  I believe the photographer is Mimmo Cozzolino. This book is courtesy of Miss Gracie Taylors Pre Loved Books, in Clare, SA.  Thank you,  Nigelle-ann. And thank you, google, for the image. At the … Continue reading

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Full Disclosure Statement. I like snakes.  I have had several over the years.  Usually, I pick them up when out and about and keep them for a while before letting them go.  I did purchase a Rosy Boa one time … Continue reading

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PAUL J. LIVINGSTON and The Flacco Files

  Paul J. Livingston I wondered just what a “deluxe bumper edition” is.  From my searching, it means

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