Robert Jan Schinkel

Robert Jan Photo for Blog

August 2018, The Dalles Oregon, USA.  Robert Jan discusses two of his books..



The Baron Cover.jpg


The Baron Back.jpg


And the second,

Children's Book Cover


Children's Book Back


The first book, Kleine Boek Der Grote Twavonturen, was illustrated by Peter van de Wiel and others. The second, De K(r)oning Te Rijk, only by Peter.

In March of 2015 I had an opportunity to interview Peter via email exchanges. We talked about his career, philosophy, and many other things.

Recently, I had a chance to visit with Robert Jan Schinkel in person and asked him to discuss these two books.

I sat him down in my neat and orderly office (not) and recorded him as he discussed the two books. We had planned on doing two sessions, first in English, then in Dutch. Unfortunately, technical problems (I screw up) truncated the Dutch interview.

Robert Jan is now back home, but I have great hope that he can replicate the interview in Dutch, and forward it to me.

So, what follows is Robert Jan talking about the two books.


Hope you enjoyed the interview.

If you have questions for Robert Jan, let me know and I will forward them.



Robert Jan sent along some photos, and here they are.  Some look to be bookmarks, so print them out, and (book)mark away.












6 er komt hulp

4 nederland bezet
























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