Since this is a collections of cartoons from “Christopher Street Magazine”, I guess we should know a little about the magazine.

Wikipedia© has article on the magazine from which we have:

Christopher Street was a gay-oriented magazine published in New York CityNew York. Known both for its serious discussion of issues within the gay community and its satire of anti-gay criticism, it was one of the two most-widely read gay-issues publications in the United States.[1][2] Christopher Street covered politics and culture and its aim was to become a gay New Yorker. [3] The magazine featured original fiction from such notable authors as Andrew Holleran as well as emerging new gay writers. First published in July 1976, Christopher Street printed 231 issues before closing its doors in December 1995.

This publication exemplifies my biggest grip with some cartoon collections.  They will not give credit to the people who make the collection possible.  No index of contributors, no information on the cartoonists, not even an acknowledgment that without the cartoonists, there would be no book.  So there.


Well, since it was published in 1978, possibly they thought the cartoonists would like to remain anonymous.  However, even if it was a collection from a gay oriented magazine, (homosexual in those days) one would think the cartoonists would like credit.

Well enough of that.  I went through and noted the names where found on the un-numbered pages (another gripe).  They are as follows.

 TABBAT who has the cover cartoon, which is repeated inside the book.

Fiala one cartoon, possibly Rick Fiala

LUBLIN, 16 Cartoons

Henry Bacum, at least I think is the correct spelling,  one cartoon

Rick Fiala, who seems to have two different styles, 24 cartoons.

Butram Dusk, again, I am guessing on the spelling, 5 cartoons.

Bruce Kimener, one cartoon

Nancy  Marchall, or possibly Marshall, one cartoon

Three un-credited cartoons.

Agar & Fiala 2 cartoons-wonder if the Fiala is Rick Fiala.

B.K. one cartoon

Fiala & Dlugos, one cartoon.  Again, Fiala, possibly Rick Fiala.

Dean 4 cartoons.

Baum 2 cartoons.

Schlosberg, I think that is the name, one cartoon.

Jorgensen one cartoon.

Byrd, one cartoon.

B.B. one cartoon.

March, I think that is the name, one cartoon..

I have searched the usual sources, but can find nothing on any of these names.  If anyone out there has a clue as to who these cartoonists are, I would appreciate your letting me know so that they can receive their due.

So, on to TABBAT.

ChrisStTabbat01One cartoon credited to ‘Fiala’.


Three cartoons by LUBIN




One cartoon by Henry Bacum (?)


Now four of Rick Fiala cartoons, showing the styles he uses.





One from Butram Dusk, at least I think it is Dusk


One by Bruce Kimener


One by Nancy Marchall, or Marshall


Two by Agar and Fiala


ChrisStAgarFiala02Initals only, of B.K.


Fiala again, this time with Dlugos.


Two from Dean



One from Baum


One from Schlosberg.  At least that is how I read it.

ChrisStSchlosberg01A single cartoon from Jorgensen


One from Byrd


One from initials only, BB


One from someone named, March.  At least I think it is March.


And finally, three cartoons with no identifying names, initials, etc.  At  first I listed the Kimener cartoon and one of Dean’s and one of Lublin’s as unknown because the names were buried in the drawing.  I have really searched  the next three cartoons, and have not been able to find any identifying names, initials, etc.




Well, there you have it.  A collection from the nineteen year run of “Christopher Street Magazine.”  However, from the title page, the book is copyright 1978 by “That New Magazine, Inc.”  So, just who published it depends on if you are reading the cover or the title page.

Until next time.



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  1. Rick Fiala says:

    Hi, Ted! I came across your post by accident, but I can shed some light on the cartoonists from this book. The cartoons signed (Rick) Fiala, Lublin, (Henryk) Baum, Bertram Dusk, Dean, and March were all drawn by me, Rick Fiala, the founding art director of Christopher Street. I used several names in the beginning to make it look as though we had a stable of cartoonists. (“Agar” and “Dlugos” are the names of two friends who gave me the lines for those particular cartoons.) I’ve lost touch with the other cartoonists, EXCEPT for “Byrd”: David Edward Byrd was one of the great illustrators of the 70s and beyond, famous for rock-band and Broadway posters (“Follies,” “Godspell,” etc.). He lives in Los Angeles and is still doing beautiful work. —Rick Fiala

  2. Hi Rick, there is no way you would remember me, but I was an assistant circulation manager at Christopher Street in the late 70’s under Paul Baron. I remember you like it were yesterday.
    What a wonderful “Blast from the Past”.

    Allen Nichols

    • Rick Fiala says:

      I do remember you, Allen—and you were not just working with Paul Baron, but a woman named Isaaca, too, yes? Or did she come later? So long ago, but a lot comes back like it was yesterday. What are you doing these days?

      • Hi Rick,
        Actually I am shocked and flattered that you remember me.You were always very kind to me. I honestly don’t recall Isaaca. The name vaguely rings a bell, but can’t place her. The only woman that I remember for sure was this dynamo named Dorianne Beyer . ( or something very similar)
        I am now in Chicago, where I am in the private events business.

        I am sincerely thrilled to be reconnected. Those were magic years to be gay and live in New York City. Unless you were there, I find it almost impossible to explain it to people.

        Warm regards, and hopefully we will stay in touch.

        Allen Nichols

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    • visualhumor says:

      I am not certain which name on the link(s) sent this, but I thank you for the interesting background.
      Obviously, I will work it into the post.
      So, thank you one (and all?)

  4. We are trying to contact Rick Fiala for an upcoming conference. Queers & Comics – LGBTQ Cartoonists and Comics Conference, NYC, in May 2015. Please email us at More info: Thanks!

  5. Tony Isaia says:

    I’m trying to contact Rick Fiala, as I understand there were 3 books with compilations from the strips……I’m at…..Thanks!

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