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RED AND ROVER by Brian Basset (November 30, 1957 – still going strong)

  BACK COVER I got this book at the Tacoma Book Center a couple of weeks ago. Tacoma is appropriate, as Basset lives north of there, somewhere around Seattle, WA. Several years ago I started collecting the “Adam” cartoon books. … Continue reading

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DOUG URQUHART and his ‘PAWS’ cartoons

  Skookum reminds me of the (unnamed) Dog in “Footrot Flats.”  Only whereas that Dog has dialog it is for the readers, and not Wal.  Skookum and Marten do converse.  Actually Marten talks with other animals.  However, this is more … Continue reading

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Evidently this book  belonged at one time to Dick Feyrer, to whom Joe Matin, and the Dog,  autographed the inside cover.  Thanks Dick. So, in part one, we wandered around in the 80’s, now let us move forward in time. … Continue reading

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Footrot Flats Revisited

Actually, I am revisiting the Footrot Flats Theme Park.  Also known as the Footrot Flats Leisure Park, and Footrot Flats Fun Park. In April of this year, I discussed Murray Ball, author of “Footrot Flats”, “Bruce the Barbarian”, and “Stanley.” … Continue reading

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Ploughman’s Punch

This book has an interesting introduction by Thelwell, who is an institution by himself,

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Gus, by Orlando Busino

 Front cover. Back cover.  Not often we get a self-portrait of the cartoonist. This collection was published in 1981

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I really do not know where or when I picked this one up.  The strips are a hoot. All the animals can talk, and most of them walk upright, chatting with each other and their owners.

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