St. Vinnie’s

More properly known as

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

StVinnie02Just a short blog today to give a shout out to all the thrift stores around the country. I always try to check out bookstores when in other towns, but sometimes overlook the thrift stores.

Here in The Dalles, I walk past St Vinnie’s most every day and happened to notice a sign proclaiming all books half off.

Of course, I could not pass that up.

I left a while later with the following titles.



For those who do not get enough cats on facebook…


The following is a new one to me.



It will be hard to scan the pages due to the binding, so will probably let it pass as a blog post.

So, what did these three books cost?



I thought I had misheard the amount. But the clerk pointed out that they were all half off. I gave her three dollar bills, and she gave me back three quarters and two pennies. I left the pennies.

St Vinnie’s has done a lot to spruce up the store and keep inventory fresh. Perhaps it is competition from Goodwill and their new purpose built store. I trend to avoid that outfit as I don’t think that I should be supporting a CEO salary of (in 2014) $882,288 for a nonprofit . (Source, Portland Business Journal, October 8, 2015.)

Anyway, St. Vinnie’s usually has a good collection of books. Well, lots of other stuff, also.

I was driving through Klamath Falls a year or so ago, and stumbled on a church run thrift store. It was an adventure, navigating the shelves, but I did score a book or two.

Lest you think I only cruise thrift stores in Oregon, I also found a local cartoon book in an Edinburgh, Scotland thrift store. I do not remember the title, but do remember how the volunteers running the store had trouble making the sale. They were helpful, but the equipment was not.

So, always try to ferret out the little and not so little thrift stores on your trips. Who knows? You might be rewarded with a real find or two.


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