WARREN MILLER 1936 – (Still going strong, we hope)



From the fly leaf of this book, we find that he was born in Chicago in 1936, and also attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago. An excerpt from the introduction,


If you do a search for ‘W. Miller’ as shown on the jacket, you will come up with Willey Miller, of Non Sequitur…

However, this is about Warren Miller. Search for him, and you might be shunted off to a Ski photographer. However, persevere, and you will come to the subject of today’s blog: Warren Miller, CARTOONIST.

Here is a link to a blog,  on New Yorker Cartoonists, from which we find the following:

Below: Donald Reilly, Warren Miller, Ed Fisher and Joe Farris during a much needed break at the Arnold Newman photo shoot along the Hudson River, NYC,  1997. (photo by Liza Donnelly).














This Warren Miller cartoon, from February 15th, 1969, in which animals have occupied a zoo administrator’s office, is clearly a reference to student protests at universities in 1968 and 69. It’s a snapshot of the power struggle that was going on between the establishment and the counter culture at that time. Peggy’s a part of that menagerie that has wrestled control of the institution away from the stuffy pipe-smokers that run it, although I imagine she feels more like the zoo director- in constant danger of being pushed out of her hard-won position by the animals of the firm. That lion looks a lot like Don, the giraffe like the statuesque Joan and the ostrich could easily be mistaken for Roger Sterling (I don’t see a duck in there, but if there was one I guess it would be… Duck?).

The blog is about the The New Yorker cartoonists, and ‘Peggy Olson’ whose name is seen above.

Check it out.

Another blog, The Cartoon Bank blog,  has quite a bit of information on Warren Miller.  This entry dates from May 2010, so is fairly current.

Here is a great video of Warren Miller drawing a dog.  Interestingly, the video states that it was recorded at East Texas Video.  Also on this link are Sidney Harris and others, drawing a dog.

Another link seems to indicate that he graduated from Beloit College in 1960. Beloit collecg is a private liberal arts college in Wisconsin.

I found a link for a book on google on how to report, anchor and interview people.  From this book we find that he is a contract cartoonist for The New Yorker, since 1961.  So, I guess he got the job right out of school. He also illustrates Children’s books, and paints using various materials. He is married to a former Bio-Chemistry teacher. They have three children and one granddaughter.

And of course, google images has a bunch of his cartoons.

So, on to the cartoons from this book.

I mentioned Willey Miller earlier, and the following cartoon reminds me of many of his cartoons dealing with the workplace. At least the workplace from the top, and not the actual workers…


Since he seems to do most of his work for The New Yorker, I thought I would lump a few of his cartoons together, as they reflect what I think a New Yorker would appreciate. Well, maybe more understand than appreciate.





Reminds me of when we stopped to watch the better half enjoy themselves in a restaurant where they had obviously had gone to see and be seen and they became upset because I took a photo. It was outside seating. Oh, well, onward.




Then on to the family.



The arts,


You can almost hear the musicians muttering, I went to Julliard for this?


Which leads to



And a thought or two on animals



The Caption: It’s a great act, but I miss the old style excitement.

How about education?


Caption:  Can anybody here read?

And how to relax without straining your writst


The next one is a political correct interpretation of the boy and the leak in the dike. He obviously did not want to upset the natural order of things. Or, maybe he thought a flood might be an improvement.



Bartenders the world over.


The caption:  That’s life.

And, on to the Rat race.

Hope you enjoyed them.

Until next time.



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2 Responses to WARREN MILLER 1936 – (Still going strong, we hope)

  1. He was a Fraternity Brother of mine at Beloit College in Wisconsin, I remember him as the guy who drew a bunch of things on the walls in the Basement level.
    I transferred away from Beloit after 2 years but I did hear that he became a Cartoonist in NY quite soon after his class would have graduated, it made sense.

    I would occasionally pick up a copy of New York Magazine and there would be one of his!

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