I found this book at the Barkelouw Paddington store, in Sydney Australia. I say found, as I was browsing in the third floor and saw it sticking out of the jumbled shelves. The next day I returned and asked how much, and was told that the book did not exist. I explained that I had seen it on the third floor, and was dismissively told that they did not bother to inventory ‘those’ books. Eventually, I located it one more time, and plopped it down on the counter, where after some scrutiny, they allowed me to exchange money for book.

What do we know about the gentleman who constructed this book?

Well, I have another post on the gentleman.

That post is more a collection of whimsical drawings of a train, or he says it, ‘Railley’.

There is an ‘official’ site dedicated to all things Dubout.

There are links on this site with offers of merchandise, and collectibles.   A transliterated blurb from this site follows.

To better meet your expectations, our “Boutique” you can now simply order derivatives we publish (albums, books, postcards, posters and flyers Pagnol, cats …) and a selection of products published by our partners (card games, stuffed animals, figurines …) … [»]

Well, what more can I say?

Wikipedia has something to say about him,

google as usual has a bunch of illustrations,

You Tube has an entry on him,  with this comment below:

Albert Dubout designer outsized marked several generations of its crowds, his cats, his good-wife and her big little man … Edited by the family of the artist on the centenary of his birth a tribute to his work as a draftsman,

If I did not get the translation as it should be, (I used google translate) don’t blame them, blame for not being able to read the original…

There is an office of tourism, with several links to places to see his exhibitions.

There is a one and a half hour film on his museum on vimeo, from which comes the following.  Got to love the exterior of the museum,

So, let us move on the his take on Bull Fighting as presented in “Dubout Corridas.”

First, however, we have preface by one Georges Brassens.  PrefaceByGeorgesBrassens  From what little I could learn about this gentleman he was a well known singer-songwriter & poet.  See also the Wikipedia link, from which we have an excerpt,

Most of his texts are black humour-tinged and often anarchist-minded.

 I assume they are referring to his poems, but maybe to his songs.  In any case, I think it is a bit unusual to have a singer doing an introduction to a book of cartoons.  However, maybe not.  See Albert Dubout’s comments in the “Mon cher editeur” in which he thanks Beorges Brassens for accepting the job of presenting himself with a text on Bullfighting.

To The Editor 1

T The Editor 2


Now, we can move on.   I would like everyone to guess how long it took to do one drawing.  The  cover illustration was reproduced in black and white, in the book.



I have enlarged the  artwork showing the shoulders,



and hair of the gentleman.


Meticulous work.  So, how long? I don’t know, but I imagine a loooong time. Here is a drawing of a bull ring with people in the stands.

How Long To Draw All Circles

Did his hands got tired of drawing the heads on the audience?

We start off on a serious note

Bull Praying

then into a tense thought,


but then move into whimsy.


Running In Circles

Then we add in other animals, such as a black cat,


Black Cat

and a yappy dog.

Yappy Dog


We leave the other animals, and pose for photographs.


Posing For Photo




The Bull is not always in the Bull Ring.


Large Bull


Bull In Stands


Bull On Roof

However, back in the Bull Ring, he gives his adversary a bit of a rest.

Horn's Stuck


Then, we come to the Bull’s dreams.



Bull Relaxing


Or,  possibly, the Bull’s wishes.


For the next to last, we wonder just what advice Death was giving the Bull-positive or negative?

Death Prompt

And the last cartoon.

Trinckvel Editeur

So, until next time, take care.









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