TOM TOLES Oct 22 1951 and still going strong


Tom Toles, aka Thomas Gregory Toles




I do not remember where I got this, but after paging though it, I realized that while funny, the cartoons are also depressing in that in twenty or so years since they were published, nothing has changed.

I mean, NOTHING.

Before I delve into his cartoons, let us look at a photo of the man,

Photo is from a column called, Rants and Raves by R. C. Harvey. Thank you R. C. Harvey.

Tom Toles PhotoWikipedia, has some interesting items about Toles, from which we have,

Toles wrote for The Buffalo Courier-ExpressThe Buffalo News and The Washington Post. He left The Buffalo News in 2002, accepting an offer from The Washington Post[1] to replace Herblock, their late, legendary cartoonist, and is under contract by Universal Press Syndicate. Part of his acceptance of his new job required him to give up his United Feature-distributed daily and Sunday cartoon panel Randolph Itch 2 AM, a cartoon based on Toles’ thoughts while battling insomnia. T


Toles also created a daily and Sunday comic strip about small children called Curious Avenue. It ran 1992-1994 through his future editorial cartooning syndicate, Universal Press Syndicate. A collection of the strip was published in 1983 through the publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing.[2]

I do not have the above mentioned strips, but will certainly keep an eye out for them.

The article also mentions his band.

In 2008, Toles began performing with the rock band Suspicious Package at venues around Washington, D.C. The band consists of Toles on drums, HUD senior official Bryan Greene on guitar, Josh Meyer of the L.A. Times on lead guitar, Tim Burger of Bloomberg News on bass, and Office of the U.S. Trade Representative senior official Christina Sevilla on keyboard. The band debuted May 30, 2008 at The Red and the Black in Northeast D.C.[citation needed]

Since there is a citation needed, maybe the reference is not quite correct. However, we have a photo , courtesy of Hollywood on the Potomac, of Toles on drums.

Playing drums

You can follow the Toles daily cartoon in go comics.

However, for the full dose of Toles, go straight to The Washington Post which  has a site with his cartoons, cartoon outtakes, and his own blog.

Well, how about we take a peek at some of the cartoons from this collection.  First we look at the environment.


Then the rugged individuals in my part of the country.



We have a wolf, named OR7 in my state.  OR for Oregon, and 7 for some numbering system.  OR7 walked from the NE corner of the state, down into California, and back.  He was looking for a mate.  Finally found one.


Well, let us segue into other government cartoons.  The budget is always interesting.






Well, how about welfare reform, DC version.


And the  Military Industrial Complex welfare.


Health care?


Blast from the past-Health Care proposal 21 years ago.


Kind of a catch all government comment.


And how the government studies their governed.


And of course, the familiar rallying cry of “Get the Government off our backs.”


Management and Business come in for their special treatment.












And that guy won’t be an American.

Of course, the Ruskies are not immune from the pen.


A couple of random observations.

Daytime TV


Which possibly leads to the next observation.


He did not have text messaging back then.  However, the internet was ramping up.


The next one could have been under evolution, sub-category of natural selection, or maybe management in general.


Of course, there is the infamous GM decision about that pesky ignition switch…(Our thanks to Consumer Reports for that link.)

Well, how about observations on life in general, and a supreme power in particular.



Of course, today it would be email spam.

Moving ahead in time, there is an infamous military cartoon that roused the joint chief’s of staff to close ranks and protect the then Secretary of Defense, Rumsfield from the wicked pen of Toles. See the cartoon, and read some of the comments posted to this account. A really interesting read.

From which we have this comment:

Truthdig says: Well, despite the fact that Toles has a valid satirical point to make about the Pentagon’s overextension of troops in the field, we have to wonder: With the insurgency gaining strength every day, and reconstruction efforts crippled by high-level incompetency, this cartoon is what’s upsetting our nation’s military leadership?

meanwhile, this link from the Washington Post, delves a bit deeper into the discussion.  Here is an excerpt.  The full article is quite interesting.

The cartoon is based on remarks that Rumsfeld made last week. In rejecting warnings by a Pentagon-sponsored study that the Iraq war risks “breaking” the Army, he said the U.S. military is “battle hardened” and an “enormously capable force.

For those of us who are not familiar with Rumsfield, here is an excerpt from his Wikipedia page:

Rumsfeld was recommended for the position of Defense Secretary by incoming Vice President Dick Cheney in late 2000, and was appointed in January 2001 by President George W. Bush. During his tenure, he was a leadingneoconservative voice and one of the key individuals responsible for the restructuring of the military in the new 21st century. Rumsfeld was crucial in planning the United States’ response to the September 11, 2001 attacks, which included two wars, one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. In addition to war strategy, Rumsfeld’s tenure became highly controversial for the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse scandal, as well as the use of enhanced interrogation techniques

Faux news came down hard on Toles for the cartoon, but even their readers were mixed in their comments.

But, here is someone who really doesn’t like him; the National Review.

And, again for those not familiar with the magazine, we again turn to Wikipedia, from which we have:

National Review (N.R.) is a semimonthly magazine founded by author William F. Buckley, Jr., in 1955 and based in New York City. It describes itself as “America’s most widely read and influential magazine and web site forconservative news, commentary, and opinion.

If you follow the link, you will find a list the endorsements for president over the years:  Goldwater, Nixon, Ashbrook (Ashbrook??), Reagan, Bush, and Romney.  Some years they had no endorsements.

But this is a blog about cartoons, and as a fan of cartoons, I really enjoy Toles’ work. But then, who am I?

So, back to the theme of my post: Twenty years, and nothing has changed.

I will keep reading, in the faint hope that maybe some thing or things might change. God forbid that twenty years from now we still have cartoons on welfare ranchers, screwed middle class and overpaid under preforming elected representatives.



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