JoeMartinFrontCover JoeMartinBackCover Evidently this book  belonged at one time to Dick Feyrer, to whom Joe Matin, and the Dog,  autographed the inside cover.  Thanks Dick. JoeMartinDedication So, in part one, we wandered around in the 80’s, now let us move forward in time.

In 1998 “The Washington Post,” had a contest to come up with a concept for him to draw.  The cartoon would be the “unclear on the concept” type of cartoon.  To help the contestants’, the paper described Joe Martin as, “…the cartoonist is essentially an insane demented maniacal lunatic with severe emotional problems.”  Anyway, the submissions are fun to read.

At one time he was the world’s most prolific cartoonist,per an  Irish booze maker.

He has a website, with a lot of information.  There is a link to his bio.  Additionally, as we have progressed forward in time, there are animated strips.


He lives in Lake Geneva, Wisconscon,

Lake Geneva Which from this google image, looks to be a Kettle lake, courtesy of some retreated glacier and an open invitation to every mosquito in the upper US. Actually, the recent history and public access of the lake make fascinating reading.   However, this is about Joe Martin and his Mister Boffo so let us leave the lake.  Still and all, check out the link.

In this book, Joe Martin scatters his cartoons around, however some have guideposts that tip us off:  Time to worry cartoons; Unclear on the Concept cartoons; Trouble and real trouble cartoons and The Mister Boffo cartoons, which take a page each.  There are a lot of random, miscellaneous cartoons and I have thrown many of them in.  Oh, and he did a sort of running gag on death row.

Let us look first at the Time to Worry cartoons WorryAlienFood WorryTheWind WorryIRS WorryPrisoner

Then the Unclear on the Concept, cartoons. UnclearPrayer UnclearApologize UnclearIRS UnclearTaxes UnclearTank UnclearPurse UnclearAtomBomb

Then we have, Trouble and Real Trouble. UnclearDivorceTroubleKingKongMrBoffoDogFood I guess this is really a lead in to Mister Boffo.

MrBoffoWifePhoto MrBoffoAnniversary MrBoffoNewJob Some of the cartoons have a deadly purpose. DeathRowLastSupper DeathRowPrayer DeathRowFirstTime DeathRowToast JoeMartinMissManners And finally, DeathRowYowza

We will close with a whole bunch of miscellaneous cartoons. MiscBringMarshmallows MiscTestResults MiscCircusInTown MiscWingFallOff MiscFreddie MiscMime MiscTag MiscSafeSex MiscBaggersToFront MiscCowPies MiscHeiress MiscWrong MiscBoyFriendOutOfPrison There you go, hope you enjoyed this visit.

Until next time, take care.



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