I would like to present, in its entirety, a story in issue 81, March 1989 of “Cartoonist Profiles.”  From this article, by Joe Martin himself, we see his thought process on how he came up with his first successful strip about a decade prior to the article.  You will have to play with the image to be able to read the text.  Sorry about that.  But it will be worth the effort.







In the above article he mentions his production company, “Neatly Chiseled Features.”  That was pre-internet days.  Today it is a website,  from which you may download a plethora of his strips and panels.

As usual, google has a bunch of cartoons and for that matter anything closely related to Joe Martin.  Any Joe Martin.

A Chicago Tribune, 1986 background story makes interesting reading.

I like this article because it explains how he comes up with his ideas.  Example:

“I wrote a joke here last week,“ he says. Martin has halted on the path and is pointing to where he is standing. “I don`t know why I thought of it. A guy`s sitting on a park bench, and he`s wearing a sign around his neck that says, `Out of Order.` Then he turns to the guy next to him and says, `It`s the only way I can keep people from putting quarters in my ear.` “

Please read the whole article for more madness.  Also, it delves more into his first marriage than does the “Cartoonist Profiles.”

That is it for part one on Joe Martin.

See you next time.


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