From book.


I see that I got this book from Berkelow in Paddington.  I must have left with an armload of books.  Oh, well.  Here is a small photo of the place.

Berkelow Paddington

I got to thinking that Tohby’s  first name would fit right with today’s crop of kid names.  I see from an interview in the Sydney Morning Herald, published in January 2011 that at that time he was 45.  Therefore, he is a child of the sixties, so the name is more that appropriate.   The article also mentions that he lives in the Blue Mountains, with his wife and three children.   I suggest you read to the end of the article, as there is an interesting mention of what might have been, if…

Wikipedia has a brief skimpy bio.

Not often you see a trailer for a book, but thanks to YouTube, we have one.

He is on facebook.  There are some interesting comments posted there about his latest book.

Google has a slug of images about him and his work.

from which we learn,

Tohby Riddle is an award-winning writer, illustrator, cartoonist, designer and sometime editor based in Sydney, Australia. He has written and illustrated numerous well-loved picture books; written a novel (published as a young adult book); was the cartoonist for Good Weekend (the Saturday magazine of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age) for nearly ten years; and is a former editor of the The School Magazine, a literary magazine for children published by the NSW Department of Education since 1916.

And from a blog, that aims to provide practical, timely and sound support and advice for parents, teachers and teachers in training, we have the following:

Eventually he had to make a choice between being a dedicated writer or an architect; he chose the latter. Since then has produced 14 picture books, a novel and many cartoons and illustrations. Some of the books have been published internationally, some have received awards, and ‘The Great Escape from City Zoo’ has had the feature film rights to it bought by a Hollywood studio. For such a remarkably gifted illustrator it is disappointing that some of his early works are hard to buy. As a relatively young writer and illustrator he has potentially many more innovative works to share with his many readers.

 However, I am not certain about choosing the latter.  I thought it was the former.  Yeah, I know, picky, picky, picky…

He is currently generating much buzz with his book, “Unforgotten”,  see also the above link to YouTube.  However, we are talking about his cartoon book published ten years ago, and not the current book of Angels, (about Angles?) so let us move on to some of the cartoons in “What’s the Big Idea?”

Let us start off with a bang.  Pun intended.


Actually, can you imagine sitting up close and personal, and all of a sudden, the man leaps into the pit?  No?  Well then, how about philosophy.



I sat in the back row in Introduction to Philosophy, and watched the sweet young things sitting in the front row cluster around the professor.  Surprising no one, I did not do well in the class.  I seem to remember that I flunked.  I wonder how René Descartes would have done.  Cogito, uh, something…

How about wearing your heart on your, uh, um.  Yeah.


On to the movies.  Cue the theme from Star Wars.


And that 1970 movie with Mick Jagger,


Which leads us to writing,


And my favorite of them all,


Well, how about Heroes.  I can see the following as an early morning cartoon on PBS.


Actually, I put this in as it reminded me of a long ago co-worker whom we called “Roger Ramjet” not for his literary prowess, but as a statement on his life style.  Or lack of.  Well, enough of that.

Artistic procrastination kind of goes in here.  I wonder if he was thinking of anyone in particular when he drew this.


Dogs and Trees go together



I like how he incorporates a photo of actual foliage in the cartoon.

And on the subject of the planet,


Here is one for all of us guys


I guess this one,


Will help you with the next one.


We will wrap with a religious message.


Which leads to the closing cartoon,


Until next time,



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