ALEXIS GILLILAND 10 August 1931 – Still Going Strong



Oh, and  in case you are wondering just what time he was born, it was 10:30 am, it was  in Bangor, Maine.  This courtesy of some sort of astrology site.

Astrology Chart

Don’t believe me?  Here, courtesy of astro databank is where I got the above image.

And, if you are like me and don’t understand the above, here is a more detailed link from those folks that will provide you (and I) with more information than you (and I)  can possibly use. 

Anyway, on to the book.  I assume I got this book some time past at Powell’s Bookstore in Portland OR  as there is a flyer inside with their store location and hours.  It must have been some time ago, as the phone number is sans the area code, now required for all ‘local’ calls.  Also, the flyer says they buy encyclopedias.

Well, let us peek inside.  First up, the Introduction..



So, who is Rotsler?  He seems to have been a real interesting guy.

I found a William Rotsler website, with many interesting links.  Some are rated for adults; at least they were ‘adult’ back in the day…

As usual, google has quite a collection of images for ‘William Rotsler.  I should note that they contain images of naked people, usually of the female persuasion, so if you object to that type of thing, don’t click on the link.

His IMDB page  shows that he was a really prolific guy.

He even has an award named after him.  It is the Annual Rotsler Award,  given for long-time wonder-working with graphic art in amateur publications of the science fiction community

And lastly, a tribute Facebook  page.  Such as it is.

Well while the above  is interesting, this post is about Alexis Gilliland.  So here are some of his cartoons from “The Iron Law Of Bureaucracy”

Let us start off with relationship issues, always a nice way to ease into things.


Well, maybe too saccharine.  Here, try this.

Love Infatuation

There, that was better.  Politics would seem a natural to follow relationships.



Hum.  Harsh, harsh.  And speaking of, we segue into Law and Order.


Are the stars and bars flying behind the desk?

Paranoid Police


Unfortunately,  this is not funny, given all that is going on around the world.  But, I thought it fit.  It dates from 1979.

Well, moving from Law and Order to the Military, we have the following.

Three Reorg One Coup

Army General


Well, how about we turn to life in the workplace?

Flatter Ego



Haven’t we all worked with this guy?




Note, this was drawn in 1978.


Where is Snoopy when you need him?

Onward.  Religion is next.

Answer To Prayer


Righteousness at any Cost

Maybe I should have put that under workplace.

Noah and Dinosaurs

Well, how about a little philosophy?

Right Eye For Wisdom

I guess that could also have gone under Religion…

Literature is next.


Yup, gotta love them classics.

Hare and Tortoise

Or a fable.

As we wind down, how about a little entertainment.  First up, Lamont Cranston.



And on to your run-of-the-mill dirty old man.


And we close with,

Atlas and Turtle

Well, I guess that could have been a philosophical question, also.  That is it from the above book, however for further information we have a web page with all things Gilliland.  Wikipedia as usual provides with some information, not much, but some.  Take a peek at it to see a living breathing, Stub.”  From this stub we learn that he was awarded the John W. Campbell Award for the Best New Writer, along with four Hugo Awards for best Fan Artist.

He also has a kinda facebook page.  Guess someone told him he had to have a ‘presence’ on fb.

 Google images as usual has a bunch of all things Alexis Gilliland.  Which, by the way, includes a real cutie on the first line of photos.  I seriously doubt that she is our venerable cartoonist.  Ah, well.  Onward.

In closing, I would like to give a nod to his publisher, Loompanics.  I remember that they published all sorts of off-the-wall books.  I have “How to Make Your Own Professional Lock Tools” Volume 1 through 4, by:  eddie the wire.  No caps.  Loompanics also lists two other Eddie the Wire books:  “The Complete Guide to Lock Picking” and “How To Bury Your Goods.”  That last one really sounds interesting.  For some reason the FBI was interested in Loompanics.  Possibly also Eddie the Wire.

Here is a site with some background on FBI and other probes of Loompanics          .

Alas, Loompanics is no longer.  Wikipedia has a page on them, from which I copied this snippet:

 Loompanics Unlimited was an American book seller and publisher specializing in nonfiction on generally unconventional or controversial topics.

Well, we sort of ranged far and wide from Alexis Gilliland but I hope you found him and the other items interesting.


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