I found this book, which I see is the third in the series, in a used book shop in Pendleton, Oregon.


And, here is the shop.

Pendleton is known for its Rodeo  and Woolen Blankets  and the Underground Tour/Bordello Tour,  but never have I heard it mentioned as a hotbed of cutting edge or edgy humor.  Nevertheless, here this book was, washed upon the shores of small town America, high and dry in a pile of cartoon books.

I flipped through a few of the cartoons, and was hooked.  I see from the forward,



that these cartoons appear in The Onion

So, who is Max Cannon?

Wikipedia has a little information that tells us  that he is married with two children and  lives in Tucson Arizona.  Wow! The neighbors must like that.  I mean, I graduated from Tucson High in 1957, so I can talk, but can you imagine this cartoonist being allowed to even exist in Arizona?  Somehow, I get the image of flaming torches and pitchforks with the good folk of that town expressing their displeasure with his ideas.

As an aside, Arizona has loosened their concealed carry laws to the point that even Nevada no longer offers reciprocity.  Actually, I don’t think you even need a permit to carry concealed in Arizona, but do if you wander outside of the state with your trusty Hog Leg stuffed down your pants…

Back to  information on Max Cannon.  Wikipedia is a bit thin so if you live in the US and are a taxpayer, just call up the folks who work for you and ask them to download whatever NSA has on him.  Should be interesting.  Or, glance at his facebook page, or his  presence on Linkedin, from which I swiped this photo of him.

Max Cannon

So, on to some cartoons.

The first cartoon I saw featured, I believe, Earl.  And here it is.


What the heck, here are two more.



Then there is my namesake,

Ted 01

Ted 02

And a couple of touching Father and Son comments,

Father and Son 01

Father and Son 02

And,  Milkman Dan and Karen


Well, maybe I should have put a few more of these in, but later on in this post I will show you where you can view a whole slug of Cannon’s cartoons.

Let us mosey along with a  nice  western touch.


We should probably end on a religious note.


There are many other great cartoons in the book.  If you cannot find any of the cartoon books in your local used book store, then Max Cannon has a website,  where you can peruse a plethora of his cartoons, and,  you will find this tip jar


And now you know.  He is a working stiff with a day job, and does this for fun.

Or, maybe to work through some personal problems.

So, leave a tip.


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