Burton Silver, NZ Cartoonist


Front cover of the 1982 book.


And, the back cover.


1984 front cover.  Ho, Ho, Ho.


And the back.

My 1985 book cover.


And the back.


I picked these up in the early to mid 1980’s when I was in New Zealand.  Bogor is, I assume, the title character, a lone Woodsman.  Many of the cartoons have a Hedgehog in them.  Hedgehogs are not indigenous to the US so I do not know much about them.  The only one I actually saw in the flesh, so to speak, was in The Netherlands.  I was on a walk, and when I got back asked my host what kind of critter I had seen.  After much describing, and delving into various books, my host was able to come up with a Dutch name, and description that seemed to match what I had seen.  I guess we do have a cousin of the critter here in the form of the Armadillo.  Similar characteristics in that they tend to get run over a lot.  So, hedgehogs I know not, but Timber harvest, replanting, shade blocking, thinning, slash piling,  etc. I do, so those will be the cartoons to follow.   Sorry hedgehog, so, make like a tree and leave…

Well, what the heck.  Let’s have a Hedgehog cartoon.


Oh, I notice that the hedgehog seems to ingest most of the Cannabis that Bogor removes from the forest.

Wikipedia has a site about Silver.   It mentions that he has invented a game similar to Frisbee™ Golf, but played with balls instead of Frisbee’s.  The game is called GolfCross.  Our local Frisbee Golf course is laid out in a park with many large Pine trees.  It takes a good arm and eye to get the disk where you want it to go.  Take a look at the GolfCross site if you are tired of Frisbee Golf.

Google has lots  of images of Burton, and his various projects.

Facebook© has a sort of entry for him.

A site called NZONSCREEN has an interesting quote from Silver.  And, here it is.

I think a lot of the way I am is about having fun.  When you have fun and take risks, you discover things that you wouldn’t normally discover.

Google has another page just for  Bogor images.

I found a site that has a collection of all the covers, and brief publishing information on the books from 1975 to 1994, courtesy of Tonys Trading Co.   This is an interesting site in the UK.  Check it out if you are looking, or wanting to swap.

I found another site that mentions an unnamed wife who co-authored a book.  Actually, here is what I clipped from the article.

His wife co-authored with him a book called Versability. This is a game book, rather similar to Dictionary actually. In this game, rather than guessing new meanings for words, the players would have to coin out new lines for poems

Now you know as much as I.  Good luck on finding more information on either the wife or the game.

Here is a site selling used Bogor branded phone cards.  Well, one never knows when Ma Bell will be back…

If you do a search for Bogor, and don’t qualify it with ‘cartoons’ or some such, you end up in Indonesia….

Well, on to some cartoons.  Let us start with the series on Annual Woodsman Exams.













Then let us move on to Silviculture in general and the planting and removing of said trees along with some observations on those trees.  First the planting.




So, now that they are in the ground…







Of course, it does help to understand trees.



Don’t forget our safety tip of the day.


So, with all that knowledge, we are off to Hollywood, Uh, TVNZ  for his life story.


I hope you enjoyed our visit with Bogor.

Until next time.



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  1. http://bogormylovelytown.blogspot.com says:

    Oww.. I never knew there was a character using my hometown. Bogor is the name of the city where I live in…

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