PAT BAGLEY 1956 – Still Kicking. (Part II)

We visited with Pat Bagley a while back, and now it is time to  visit once again.  These cartoons are from the second book in my possession, Oh My Heck!  published 1988, by Signature Books, Salt Lake City, UT.  Here is what the cover looks like.

Second Book Cover

In this book he seems to be branching out from the subject matter of his other book, Treasures of the Half-Truth, but maybe it is just the cartoons I selected that make it seem that way.

From Wikepedia© we have the following,

In October 2009, while reacting to recent statements by Dallin H. Oaks, an LDS Apostle, about gay marriage protesters and religious freedom, Bagley commented that he was “retired” from the church, though not bitter or angry, and considers his LDS life a “good experience” and “in my blood.”[5]

And from the Herb Block Foundation©, we have these excerpts,

Bagley grew up in a Republican family in Southern California … He remained a Republican until the election of President George W. Bush. “He radicalized me,” Bagley says of Bush.

He describes himself as a moderate Republican who became a liberal independent during the presidency of George W. Bush. In addition to his cartoons, Bagley has written “101 Ways to Survive Four More Years of George W. Bush” and the “Clueless George” parodies of the children’s “Curious George” books.

We might keep the above in mind while perusing the following cartoons.  Oh, and I don’t think he is a great fan of Sarah Palin, either.

And about his politics, I later found this snippet on retweetrank©.

 “… I am what Utah has instead of a Democratic Party.”




Here is one on multi-level marketing.  It would seem that Utah is famous (infamous?) for this type of scam, uh business opportunity.  See also the Wikipedia© site for a more definitive explanation of multi-level marketing.


From the following, I would say that culture is frowned upon in Utah, but I have a cousin who drives over from Colorado for some sort of concert series, so maybe it is only culture on film that they do not like.


The Blue Moon Theater  is no more.  I believe however, that the name lives on in various cities around the country.  I found a great quote on a site where someone is reminiscing about The Rocky Horror Picture Show, when it played at the Blue Moon Theater.

Rotting Dogs: Over time, the Blue Mouse took on a certain odor, as management allowed fans to bring in almost anything, and only one janitor was around to clean up afterward. Hot dogs rotted under the stage for years. (The Tower bans hot dogs, confetti, eggs and cigarette lighters; toast, rice, toilet paper and playing cards are still thrown freely (though management will turn off the projector if anything hits the screen.)  Steffee recalls one roll of toilet paper permanently stuck in the Blue Mouse’s ceiling pipes. “We threw everything we had at that thing, but it was just wedged,” she says. “I’m sure when they knock the building down, they’re going to find this section of ceiling and pipe with this toilet paper stuck in it, and not be able to figure out where the hell it came from.”  The Blue Mouse closed in 1990. “Rocky Horror” then played at two benefits for the Tower Theatre, one at the Murray Theatre and one at Cinema In Your Face.

Well, back to Pat.  Here he takes  a whack at the John Birch Society.


For those of us with short memories, or from a more enlightened environment, take a look at a Wikepedia© article for more information on The John Birch Society (JBS).  For that matter, here is another link vis-a-vis JBS and Utah.

And from the previous post, another swing at the Salamander Letter.  The Contestant has ‘Hofmann‘ on the back of his outfit.  Here are some references to the letter.  From Wikipedia©, from something called, the Times and Seasons©, and a transcript of a radio program called, Mormon Miscellaneous©, and finally a really great blog by Roger Lamunius and his July 25, 2011 post on Mark Hofmann.


 The Wasatch Mountains run generally north-south through the western part of Utah.  The urban area spread along their western flanks is called the Wasatch Front.  I guess both for the mountains and also the towns.  If I am less than clear on the subject, may I suggest our friend, Wikipedia®, or our new friend, wikitravel©.  In any case, Pat Bagley has fun with the name.



How about schools?


The blog, Aaron the Ogre, has some interesting comments on Utah schools.

Well, how about death and taxes.



Or R ‘n R…


“in but no of…”  The same could probably be said of Moab.  I guess Utah likes tourist dollars and will put up with tourist thirst for alcohol and bare flesh as long as it is kept away from the rest of the state.  I found the following article in The Portland, Oregon, The Oregonian, on Thursday March 21, 2013, Bottom page A4.  Thought it was a fitting accompaniment for the cartoon.


So, now we know what ageing porn stars do.  They go to Utah…

And here is how Utah provides tourist information.


Maybe a bit extreme.

How about family values




And on religion, sermons, and all that.


Well, let us leave with a positive thought for Utah and its citizens.


Well, I think we have just about mined Pat Bagley.  Hope you enjoyed our visit.  Until next time,




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