PAT BAGLEY 1956-Still Kicking (Part I)

First Book Front Cover

First Book Back Cover

Second Book Cover

Second Book Back Cover

I found these two books in Moab, UT.  They appear to be early publications.  The Treasures of Half-Truth dates from 1986, and the Oh My Heck! from 1988.  He has since produced a slew of cartoon and other books.  In this post we will talk about some cartoons from the book Treasures of Half-Truth.


This preface, from the first book is an ideal introduction to the cartoons that follow.

The blurb on the back of the cover of the  first book (1986) indicates that he was born in 1956, and  “…until recently Pat lived alone in Salt Lake with a pet cat.  The cat has since run away.”

The second book (1988) has two dedications, one of which is to ‘Wendy’.   From the back cover we learn he is now married to the former Wendy Winegar, and goes on to say that he is loved by dogs and small children.  Maybe he is referring to his own children.  Or his dog(s).

The second book is also dedicated “In Memory of Gregg Alvord.”  I found an obituary for Gregg Irwin Alvord.  I do not know if it is the correct Alvord, but I offer it up in any case.

So, that is Pat Bagley in the 1980s.  How about now?

Well, we know he was and is now an Editorial Cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune, and given the political bent in Utah, I wonder how he is still employed there, much less as an editorial cartoonist.

A Wikipedia© article, lists two sons, but no mention of his wife.

The Wikipedia article has some interesting items which I will touch on in the second Pat Bagley post.

Facebook© has a page for Wendy Winegar Bagley, which we might assume is his wife.

There is not much information on the page, so I do not really know if she is Pat Bagley’s wife or not.

Back to Wikipedia©, I see he moved from Utah to California, where he lived in Oceanside California while his father was Mayor of that city.  I digress here, to note that the towns of Oceanside and San Clemente bookend Camp Pendleton along the Coast.  I was in the Marines at Camp Pendleton, in the late 1950’s and remember Oceanside as a blue collar type town, while San Clemente (aka ‘San Clemency’ in deference to our 37th president) was more the wine and cheese type of folks.  As I said, I digress.

Well, on to the cartoons from the first book.  Utah is skewered, but mostly it is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka LDS, or the Mormons.

So, what do we learn about the Mormons?


From the above, we find the LDS church all heart.

On a more serious note, we see a couple of cartoons on questionable documentation on the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.



and the famous (infamous?)  Salamander Letter


Here is a site with some background on that letter.

 There are many other sites on the internet about the letter, so if you are interested, fire up Google© and go for it.

For myself, I will just share the cartoons.  The links do, however, make interesting reading.

Education is important to the church as we see from the following:





Ah, yes.  There is one in every class.

Home Teaching is important.

The link is longer than the explanation, but worth a peek.


There is an interesting blog by Aaron the Ogre that  sometimes touches on education in Utah.  Check it out.

Genealogy is important.  For non LDS it is a vast pool of family history very useful for proving that great granddad did not do what great grandma claimed he did.  Or didn’t.  I won’t go into why it is important for the Mormon religeon, but it is.  Curious?  Remember, google is your friend.


Women are important to this religion.  No women, no children.  I am tempted, however,  to throw out that old quote, “…barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen…” but that might be more prevalent in the White male population of the FLDS areas of Utah, rather than the mainstream white male population of that state.  If after clicking on the above link, you are interested in further research, you might try this article, however, the article places Short Creek, now called Colorado City, in Utah, and not Arizona where it belongs.  Or this link.

Anyway, here are some cartoons.





And of course, the ladies who fail in their calling,


On the political front, Utah is a little bit right of the Austrian Corporal of many years ago.


The more fun loving Utahans like to live it up,


And the last cartoon I pulled from the first book, is decidedly non-PC in today’s world, but obviously not in 1986.  It just works on so many levels.


The Salt Lake Tribune has an archive of his political cartoons.  As does Google©.

Well, that is it for Part I.  Part II can be found here.

See you later.


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