So, who is Mike Williams.  Well, in his own words for this book,


However The Chris Beetles gallery offers the following background on Mike Williams.

Since his first cartoon was published in Punch in 1967, Mike Williams has contributed regularly to many a magazine. He has a particular interest in comic representations of animal life, calling this his Animalia’.

Born in Liverpool on 24 February 1940, Mike Williams attended Quarry Bank Grammar School in the Liverpool suburb of Allerton. A self-taught artist, Williams began working in Henry Pybus and Littlewoods commercial art studio in 1957, aged 17.

In 1966, he joined his elder brother, Pete, in becoming a freelance cartoonist. The following year, Williams sold his first drawing to Punch, launching a career that has seen him become a successful cartoonist recognised throughout the world. Since then, his characteristic jokes have appeared in many major national and international magazines, including Private Eye, The Spectator, The Oldie and Playboy, and a number of national newspapers, such as The Times and the Sun, as well as deputising for Jak in the Mail on Sunday. In 1997, he briefly became Cartoon Editor of Punch.

Throughout his career, Williams has worked on numerous advertising campaigns, producing images for companies such as BMW and Guinness, and is producing a range of best-selling greetings cards.

He has his own web presence,  from which you may order prints of his work.

Or, you can hire him for custom work.

And as usual, google has a collection of his work.

Actually, any search engine will return all sorts of information on him.  That is a nice change from some of the cartoonists I have looked at.  However, I did not find any Wikipedia listing for him, which I thought odd.

Since there is a foreword by a Desmond Morris, of whom I know nothing, I turned to the internet.  Wikipedia, has a rather lengthy piece, however, a more succinct biography can be found courtesy of the Desmond Morris Information Page, all of which shows us that he knows animals, and is a logical choice to say a few words about a collection of cartoons about animals.

This cartoon collection was published in 1988 by Grafton Books, which according to the Wikipedia link on Grafton Books, the name ‘Grafton’ disappeared as a separate brand circa 1993.

I guess Robert Murdock can be blamed for that also.

Since the cartoons originally appeared in “Punch”, I turned to Wikipedia again as I thought it was no longer published.  It is not, having gone out of business in 2002.  Interestingly, the name Mike Williams does not appear in list of cartoonists who worked for the magazine.

Well, let us look at a few cartoons from this book.

MWilliamsWWolfLate MWilliamsBigRifle MWilliamScottishDog MWilliamsHippo MWilliamsJehovah MWilliamsKidBack MWilliamsLostCowBoy MWilliamsWarfain MWilliamsShipCat

And my very favorite one in the book,


Well, a quick look at a very prolific cartoonist, Mike Williams, through his cartoons in “You Can’t Still Be Hungry.”

I hope you enjoyed them.



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