These cartoons date from  the late 1980s, and some require a comment or two to explain what would have been quite clear twenty five years ago.

I like to try to give a bit of information on the cartoonist in my blogs.  Unfortunately, biographical information for Calvin Grondahl seems to be scant, at least on the internet.  So, we will let his cartoons do the talking.

And on his cartoons, the style makes us think that he dashes them off, with quick broad pencil strokes, until they convey a sense of coiled energy waiting to leap off the paper.

Well, he is from Utah, so let us look at some general Utah themed cartoons.


To be honest here, I was in Moab UT last summer, and noted a brewpub along with places serving booze.  Maybe since Moab is a tourist mecca, the rest of Utah figure’s the tourist dollars pouring into that town make up for the alcohol being poured into the tourists.  And speaking of tourists…

Utah Law

Well, on to general Utah cartoons.


Come Home Son

Actually, I don’t know if this is typically Utah or not.  Probably not.  Onward.

Auto Parts Store

Alternative Lifestyle

Ski Patrol


Nightly New Anchor

Sales Rep

And Jello® salad.  We must not forget the Jello® salad.

Liberal Democrat


God Help Me

Happy Dino

The family is important in Utah, so let us look at a series of family oriented cartoons.

Wedding Giifts

Bear Children


Disposable Diapers

Marriage Counselor

And so on.  Well, one outcome would be,


While the other might be,


For many years (1868 to around 1999) the Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution,

(often referred to as ZCMI) was founded in 1868 by Brigham Young and was one of the earliest department stores in the United States. For many years it used the slogan, “America’s First Department Store”.

Above quote courtesy of Wikipedia.  In any case, the LDS church played an important part of the store philosophy, which leads to the next cartoon.


Home teaching is important the the LDS church.  So,

Home Teachers

There was a movie ,” The Home Teachers”, aimed at the LDS audience.  See the wikipedia article.

Mark Eaton was a big noise back in the day.  Guess which sport he played.

Mark Eaton

The following cartoon intriqued me, so I searched for “Faith Watch.”  But first, the cartoon.

Faith Watch

An internet search using, “Faith Watch” returned the following,

In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 2 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at

I guess someone did not like people looking up that term.  Perhaps the faith watch is somewhat akin to the religious police in Muslim countries.  Let us hope that if that is the case, that caning, stoning and other forms of re-education are not found in Utah.

As I mentioned earlier, I could not find much on the cartoonist.  From the back cover we know he is, (was) and editorial cartoonist for the Ogden Standard Examiner, and has (had) a previous cartoon collection.

On his google circles page he uses the past tense for the Ogden Standard Examiner.  He also has the following:

Greetings, I’m an editorial cartoonist that just beamed down from the star ship Enterprise. I’m from planet Facebook and do subspace tweets. What is this place?

There are some comments relating to facebook, but I do not find an actual fb page.

Oh, and there is a small photo of him.

I don’t know if he has retired, as the Standard-Examiner web site lists cartoons for him as of this month (February 2013).

Well, from print media to TV.  Michelle King is a host(es) of “Mormon Times TV.”

Michelle King

Well, let us close with,


MTC stands for Missionary Training Center.

So, for more  Calvin Grondahl cartoons, check out google, or the above “Standard Examiner” link.  Even better, pick up a copy of this or other books by this very talented cartoonist.

Until next time,



On a recent visit to Utah, I found this reference to Cal Grondahl at the Hill Aerospace Museum, near Ogden, UT.  If you are in the area I highly recommend spending a day there.  Actually, two days.







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3 Responses to CALVIN GRONDAHL

  1. For information on Calvin Grondahl, you might find more by contacting and/or

  2. Eric Kepoo (EK) says:

    Hey. Trying to get in contact with Calvin. Can someone give me some help with this? If you can have him e-mail me I would appreciate it. Mahalo.

    Eric ‘EK’ Kepoo

    • visualhumor says:

      Hi Eric,

      From the Calvin Grondahl post comments, we have this:

      tom barthelow says:
      November 13, 2015 at 4:28 pm (Edit)
      For information on Calvin Grondahl, you might find more by contacting and/or

      I am guessing that the pbagley email is for Pat Bagley. See April 17 2013 post on him.

      In any case, you might click on over to one of those two emails, and see what you can turn up.


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