I do not know why the back cover is  portrait while the front cover is landscape orientation.  It just is.

I could not find much on the cartoonist, Tony Neat.  There are, however several Facebook pages on/about him.  He seems to live in Birchington, Kent, UK,.

from which we have the  following:

Tony Neat Cartoons Birchington, Kent, United Kingdom 51.374031 1.30895

Birchington-on-Sea is a village in northeast Kent, England, with a population of around 9,800. It is part of the Thanet district and forms the civil parish of Birchington. It lies on the coast facing the North…

One notable resident of Birchington-on-sea, was, per Wikipedia, Tudor Gates, a screenwriter of female vampire stories for Hammer Studios in the 1970s.  No mention of Tony.

We do know that he is a cartoonist for The New York Blues, which from the following, we have:

Started as a group of Chelsea supporters who got together to watch matches in 1998, The New York Blues have since established themselves as the Official Chelsea FC Supporters Group in the Big Apple.

And from another of their websites, we have many of his cartoons about the Blues.

If you like his work, he is available for contract work.

He is on another facebook site, (possibly his own) with some of his cartoons, and the following information.

Tony is an International cartoonist and gag-writer with over 20 books published worldwide. Never had a best-seller yet — but one day!!!!!

So now we know how many books to his credit.  At least at the time of that posting.

Also, from this facebook site, we have,

Tony has drawn a number of cartoons for the New York Blues, a Chelsea FC supporters club. This group will feature those cartoons and plenty more for Chelsea fans all around the world to enjoy.

Yet another facebook site which opens with an enigmatic photo,

There is also an interesting UK site with “Bingo Dog” cartoons and word games,

As usual, google has a collection of his cartoons, and, for that matter, any cartoon with ‘tony’ in the title…

“Smokers are People Too!” was published by Ivory Tower Publishing Company, Watertown, MA, USA.

The publisher seems to run from the above book to adult cartoons, albeit rather more risqué than hard core.  They have published many cartoon books, but I can find no detailed information on them.  Below is a list found in the back of this book.

SmokersIvoryTowerListHere is a screenshot of google maps for 125 Walnut St., Watertown, MA, the address listed for the publisher in the book.


As you can see, there are eight business listed for this address, none of them Ivory Tower…

So, where is Ivory Tower Publishing Co?  My guess is it lives on now only on used books sites.  Or maybe China.  Oh, and there is a web site for Ivory Tower Publishing, but seems to be ‘under construction.’

Well, we know that the cartoonist lives in the UK, is a football fan (the kind of football without all the protection), and provides cartoons for a fan club.  He has many cartoon collections out there, but unfortunately, only one in my collection.  At least, I think only one, as my filing system is nonexistent, and I am constantly stumbling over a book I did not know I had.  Or, more likely, forgot that I had.

Before we look at a few cartoons from the book, everybody close their eyes, lean back and relive the days of air travel when the “No Smoking” sign was turned off and the plane turned into a smoke filled tube.  Remember?  I most certainly do.  After many, many years, progress, and/or enlightenment brought us a ‘smoking’ and ‘non smoking’ section on planes.  Worked almost as well as a ‘peeing’ and ‘non peeing’ sections of a swimming pool.  Anyway, those days are behind us now, but we can relive them through this book.  Enjoy.


Smokers0005 Smokers0006 Smokers0007 Smokers0008 Smokers0009 Smokers0010 Smokers0011 Smokers0012 Smokers0013

Well, I see that I have drifted into a few of the more risqué offerings in the book.  Check out the book for all of the cartoons, risqué and otherwise.

I hope you enjoyed them.



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