Suzy Becker

The above book is the only one of hers that I have.

This book was published in 1990.

I found a somewhat current bio.(2006) on the Pamela H. Sacks website.   Here are some  excerpts from that article:

She is an artist, a writer, an educator, an athlete, an entrepreneur and a social activist. She has won two prestigious fellowships and has survived brain surgery. She has had loving relationships with both men and women and is now married to Lorene Jean, who owns Hudson Art and Framing in Hudson.

She has a daughter, Aurora:

Aurora’s father is a gay friend, a writer who lives in Melbourne, Australia. The impish red-headed toddler will be 2 in October.

Sacks continues with the information that Suzy Becker founded “The Widget Factory” which from the back cover of our book we find is a greeting card company.

The Widget Factory, meanwhile, gained an international reputation, and Ms. Becker wanted to license T-shirts and mugs. Her publisher suggested she first write a book. That’s how she happened to produce her best-selling font of wisdom imparted by observing her cat, Binky.

Well, we could continue on with the article, and I urge you to follow the link and read about this interesting woman; but, this is about her book, so I will stop here.

Oh, and Binky has her own website on the  Take that, Garfield©.

From a Wikipedia article on her we see that she has published twelve items, which include books and calendars.  Wikipedia continues:

Becker is best known for her 1990 internationally bestselling book All I Need to Know I Learned from My CatAll I Need to Know I Learned from My Cat sold two million copies and spent 28 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, with several weeks at #1.

And you thought dog books were big business.

Not to be outdone by the furry types, Becker seems to have her own website.

And a facebook© page.

There is a twitter© account for someone named Suzy Becker, but the photo does not look like the rest of the photos of her so possibly it is not her.  Or, she is wearing a disguise…

As always, Google has many images related to Suzy Becker.

Well, on to some of the cartoons.

Um, OK.

The above could also be said for people in my age bracket.  Only I don’t run.


It is all in the technique.

A lot like helping with the crosswords.

Well, we will leave Suzy and Binky for now.

Hope you enjoyed the post.



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