Being the nearly complete works of Fusion Studios, and their publication of “Groan In Washington.

On the back cover we have a lot of information on the two authors.

“Groan in Washington”, purported to be the nearly complete works of Fusion Studios  was published in 1986.  This book has been lurking in my collection for some time now.  I decided to write about it, and turned it over and noted that one of the Authors is a Bryant.  Not only that, but a Bryant from Seattle.  My paternal grandfather was married in Seattle and then moved away.  However, his older brother, Frank, who was an interesting guy, continued to live there.  I have a photo of him standing on a glacier, I assume on Mt Rainier.  Frank was born in 1862, in Maine, and traveled as a young man ‘out west.’ In 1889 he was on his way to one of the Alaskan Gold Rushes, when he stopped off in Seattle to view the remains of that town after the disastrous fire of that date.  He never continued on to Alaska.  He joined the police force, in 1890, and was one of the first mounted policemen in that town.  When I saw the name of the author, I thought she might be related, and tried to call.  The number for Fusion Studios is permanently busy, and I see that a posting on the Yelp website, says that they are closed.

While searching, I came across  other links.

Cortera says it was founded in 1980, and was a graphic design studio.

Business dot com says Al Tietjen was the owner.  Says it is a web design outfit.

From the TriCity Hearld web site of July 2, 1983 we see,

Well, I guess they lived off Slugs and puns, and then the proceeds of the book.  Oh, and for your edification, here is a picture of a, I think, Banana Slug from the Olympic Rain forest.

And no, I have no idea what it was doing.  I think it was headed down, if the bottom of the photo is the front of the slug.  Anyway, just one of the sights one gets to gaze at outside a National Park Service information center.

From the above links I guess the studios made slug and wet Washington post cards.  They also seem to be historians…

Well, it goes on through art history, with “Whistlers Slug” Portrait of the artists’ mollusk” the “Slug Lake Ballet” and, well let us move on to the Pacific Norhwest.

And, back to slugs…

Not quite the Christmas season, but what the heck.

Well, enough of all that.  The book is also heavy on puns and other forms of punishment…

Editorial comment.  There is a dry side of Washington state.  In fact, more of the state lies east of the Cascade range, and therefore in the rain shadow than lies west, in the wet part of the state.  I live south of Washington, in The Dalles, which is in the dry side of Oregon.  Our average rainfall is fourteen inches a year.  However, as one travels west the rainfall increases an inch a mile until you arrive in Cascade Locks in the center of the Cascade range where the Columbia river cuts through the Cascade range.

Probably more information than you needed.

I have not found other books by these authors, nor any of the post cards and objets d’art which they produced.

Hope you enjoyed it.




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