Mark Marek’s “An Arnold Harris Read’N’Lead Manual”

The back cover seems eerily similar to a current politician’s philosophy…

A word of explanation is in order.  So from the third page,

Um, yes.  Well, now that we have had that explanation, how about an introduction.  And who better then the author.  Page four.

Well, with the above explanation and introduction, why not take a peek inside the covers.  First, however, a field guide.

OK?  Well then, onto a discussion of Leadership.

Well, now we have had Leadership 101, so on to Cell Phones.

Well, everything worked out in the end.

I got this book and the next one at a used bookstore in Moab, UT   a couple of weeks ago.  We were there to look at Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Dead Horse Point State Park.  Dead Horse Point, is known to the locals as the “Thelma and Louise Point,” as that is where the final moments of the movie were filmed.  Come to think of it possibly I found these books in a bookstore in Durango CO  a few days later.  The days did seem to blend into one another.

I digress.

The next book is a little strange.  I have to wonder just what experiences Marek had to vent so against the medical profession.  At least the physician portion of the profession.

Allow me to show you.

In the fine print inside, I see that the book is printed in London, UK in 1984, and copyright by Mark Marek and Steven Heller.  I did a cursory search for the Heller name, and came up with a mention on alibris, that he was the editor.

In any case, let us peek inside the book.




Well, possibly there are issues here.  Just possibly.

So, what has Marek been doing since the Management book (1990) and the Doctor book (1984)?

It looks like he is involved in animation, both in front of and behind the camera.  From his website, we have a list of his recent works.

There is a bit of a hiatus between my books and his animation career, but possibly that is covered in cartoon books which I do not have.  His website lists six books.

There is a Mark Marek listing on Linkedin, and if it is the same person as this Mark Marek, he is since March 2010 an Animation supervisor at Warner Brothers Animation, and from 1995 to 2010 had an independent Animation Studio, Crank! It! Out!, Inc.

He has a BFA from the U. of Texas, Austin (1974-1978) and lists ‘cow tipping’ as an activity.  It is amazing the number of Linkedin members who also list that.

On Cartoonsbrew, Jerry Beck gives details on the WB  logo designed by Marek.  And from Marek’s website, some clarification.

From Wikipedia, we have the information that he is credited with developing, along with Kevin Shinick the ”Mad” TV Series.  The two are also listed as producers.

Internet movie db has quite a bit on his current animation career.

So, since I am not conversant with current TV I will stick to the two books on this blog.

I hope the author of the books is also the animator of IMDB fame, as it seems he (they) are having a lot of fun.



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