Tom The Dancing Bug

This book has a, “About the Author” paragraph.  He supposedly was born in 1908 in Prague and currently lives in New York City with his wife and two Turtles.  The two Turtles I can believe, but the rest…

In any case, Ruben Bolling, is the pseudonym of Ken Fisher.  Fisher was a lawyer who saw the light, a la Stephen Pastis, and turned from the dark side and to the light of cartooning.  He tells it a bit differently, but the end result is the same.

Wikipedia has a nice bio, from which we learn that he was born 1963, has no formal art training, hard to believe, read many comics as a child, and sometimes features their styles in his work.  Rips them off?  Pays homage to them?  Attended Tufts University, and later Harvard Law School.  Ruben Bolling is a pseudonym constructed by melding two baseball players names:  Ruben Amaro and Frank Bolling.

He practiced law, then left for the world of Comic writing, got hungry, and is now a full time bank employee, who dabbles in his cartoon strip.  Supposedly he wants to be a full time writer, and is working on a film project with New Line Cinema for a movie about his “Harvey Richards, Esq., Lawyer for Children” character.  The Wikipedia page was last updated June 2012.  I believe that New Line was rolled up into Warner Brothers, and given the current legal claims, about recent films, he they not be in a position to launch his movie.

He is a member of Cartoonists with Attitude.  Might be an interesting blog in itself.

He is on Go Comics.  This cartoon is from the August 10, 2012 go comics page.

Tom the Dancing Bug

Since the cartoons in this book date from the early 1990’s, I thought I would throw in a more relevant one.

Another reference comments that he is getting tired of the strip and wants to move on to something else.

The Tufts Magazine, Spring 2006, in an article entitled, “The world according to Ruben Bolling” by Kera Bolonik, she mentions that one of the characters in his strip, Louis Maltby, a guilt-ridden introverted 12 year old boy is probably semi-autobiographical.  The article also provides the backstory for the strip’s name.  It is an extensive article, well worth clicking on the link.

He is on twitter, as are most politicians.  I don’t think that makes him one, just the company he keeps.

His 1993 comment on the movie, Groundhog Day.  It might be a stretch to tie Groundhogs with bugs, but it seemed to work.

He was one of six cartoonists filling in for Richard Thompson, of Cul de Sac fame.  Unfortunately, Thompson’s illness has progressed to the point that the strip ends this month.

Well, let us look at a few of his cartoons from the book.  Might as well start with one that he hopes will segue into film.

Hum.  Well, how about God?

And, God on earth…

OK.  Well, how about a couple of Baseball Jokes.

Ah, yes.  The great American pastime.

How about we peek at his childhood.

Well, enough of that.

How about life in New York City?

Well, maybe just life in any city.

How about a couple of political cartoons.  Well, maybe they are not considered cartoons in certain circles, more along the line of reality along with a pot of tea…

Updated movies?

And lastly, from someone who really reads the comics.

This link has a whole bunch of his cartoons.


Until next time.


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