So, what do we know of Bonnie Timmons.  Well, in her own words,

So, just what is Anxiety?  Well, one of her cartoons defines it.

Bonnie Timmons has her own website, which mentions five books besides this one.

The Morgan Gaynin site has a collection of her drawings.  Looking at the cover above, and as presented on the Morgan Gaynin web site makes me wonder if there was a ‘suggestion’ from Ballantine Books, the publisher of the above book, that she reposition the left hand of the character on the stage.

Google has a collection of all things Bonnie Timmons.

OK, let us take a look at some of her cartoons from the above book.

Ah, yes.  For all of us working on that Great American Novel.  Or, the Great Dutch Novel (Kleine Boek Der Grote Twavonturen, comes to mind), or actually any Great (Insert your country here) Novel, this cartoon is for you (us).

Well, as the old gunny used to say, just start with the one furthest from the plate and work in…

Actually, the old gunny just used a K-Bar.

Well this is probably more a comment on life as it is, as opposed to anxiety in general.  I am sure we have all been to places with lines outside both facilities.  I remember waiting to piss after having finally made it inside the door, when a frantic woman burst in, and pounced on the first stall door that cracked open.  I think she jerked the poor guy out while he was still buckling up.

Anyway, onward.

For those of you from other countries, our Internal Revenue Service does not arm the clerks in their offices.  Leastwise not with AR 15’s.  Thumbscrews maybe, but not semi-automatic weapons…

She is on facebook

Here is another collection of her work.  I am certain my wife would agree with the first cartoon that opens the site.

On my research I kept finding comments to the effect that she was an Emmy Award winner.  I could not find for what, only that she was.

So, I turned to the Internet Movie Data Base site.  She is listed as a Cartoonist on 94 episodes of “Caroline in the City”, and in the animation department, as a Cartoonist, in “AshBash:  A Love Story.”

Well, that told me about her work in films, but not why the Emmy.    So  I went back to, the Morgan Gaynin site where I found the following award:


So, just what is a (the) Louis T. Benezet Award?

Aha, another quest.  This one was fairly easy, (thank you google) where I found that it  is an award for alumni of Colorado College, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.  The award is presented to alumni, and is described as follows:

The Louis T. Benezet Award recognizes outstanding achievement in one’s chosen field, excellence through unusual success or contribution, innovation or research that has advanced a profession or a cause, and/or extraordinary contributions and achievements that have improved people’s lives and exemplify the values of a liberal arts education. These attributes characterized the important contributions of Louis T. Benezet, president of Colorado College, 1955-1963.

Timmons, class of ’73, was one of three in 2008.  Yeah, I know, the Louis Gaynin site says 2009, but I figure the college would know when they awarded it, so 2008 it is.

I was happy to nail that award down, but was still questing for the Emmy.  Finally I found it on, of all places, a Fox TV station.  WVAH, Charleston-Huntington, West Virginia, evidently was running reruns of “Caroline in the City”, and gave information on the show and cast.  I offer the following quote:

“The distinctive illustrations of cartoonist Bonnie Timmons, which accent each episode of (Carloine in the City), won an Emmy Award in 1996 for “Outstanding Individual Achievement in Graphic Design and Title Sequences.”

Finally.  And after all the nasty things I said about Faux news…

Well, there you have it.  Bonnie Timmons, a very interesting cartoonist, Horsewoman, ex-Peace Corps volunteer, ex-working cartoonist for The Denver Post, ex-cutter up of Cadavers, award winning California Girl swimmer, current resident of Pennsylvania along with a horse or two, some poodles, and a husband.  I think there are cats there, also.

Until next time.


This is a plug for a really great bookstore.  Grassroots Books, in Reno.  If you ever find yourself in Reno, be sure to check it out.  If you are lucky you will hit it during their warehouse sale.  99 cent used books.  What more can I say, except that that was where I found this book.  Along with eighty or so other books.


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