The Quigmans by Buddy Hickerson

Buddy Hickerson might be the first participant of an internet flame war.  At least the first cartoonist.   A little background.  The following excerpt from the book sets the stage.

I paged through this book, and counted 103 cartoons with no symbol, 52 cartoons with the symbol, and another 13 cartoons with Hickerson’s scrawl, followed by a slash, then “Stanfill.”

So, 103 cartoons by Hickerson and 65 cartoons with the gag by Stanfill. Or, Stanfill provided the gag for about 40 % of the cartoons.

Somewhere along the way, the two no longer collaborated.

I came across a fascinating blog by a lady named, Toni Dockter.  Among her numerous talents is publishing books.  I offer the following quote from her blog:

About this time I needed to produce a website for my first Percy book. I searched the Internet for a freelance web designer that was creative in a whimsical cartoony way. I found a guy in Texas named Mike—who had lots of experience in design and flash animation. He also had written his own comic strip.

I emailed Mike and explained what I had in mind to see if he was interested in taking on my project. I also mentioned that I read his comic strips. I asked Mike if he was familiar with the Quigmans comics because his reminded me of them.

Well, Boy Howdy, did I open up a can of worms with that question!

It turned out that not only did Mike know Buddy, but that they were one-time collaborators and now BITTER enemies. Mike said Buddy ripped off his comics and didn’t credit or compensate him. He had proof which he posted along with blistering commentary slamming Buddy as the lowest of low. (The verbal vitriol was extraordinary.)

I responded back that I was appalled Buddy could do such a thing. I was hugely disappointed because I had been such a fan. I remember telling Mike that I thought Karma would catch up to Buddy. I also told Mike that my favorite Quigmans comic was the one about the hairdresser named Mrs. Krepleck. I asked him if that was his comic.

I never heard from Mike again. He never answered my question about Mrs. Krepleck. He never gave me an estimate or indication he was interested in designing my website. (He did, however, post my email which is still on his site, like eight years later!)

At the time I was sort of relieved because Mike’s anger level was so off-the-charts it scared me. (I did say in my last email to him, “I hope you never get mad at me.”)

Stanfill set up a site called, from which he evidently launched his attacks on Hickerson for anyone who went to the site looking for Hicerson’s cartoons.  I say evidently, as currently the site opens with a black background and a single panel cartoon.  There is a link to send an email for information.  Guess he moved on to other things.

At one time Go Comics ran the strip.

Here is a discussion on the end of the strip and Stanfill’s site.

And the following is a great rant, along with a cartoon.  Evidently the blogger, “Justin”, from Bangor ME hates, no, despises the strip, yet he reads it.  I despise the new “Adam”, and skip over it.  Since Bissett no longer draws it, it is not worth my eyeball time.  Anyway, here is the comment.  You will have to open the link to see the cartoon.

Monday, December 27, 2010

In the month or so that I’ve started reading the comics section again, The Quigmans hasn’t been showing up on my Chron comics page. I was hoping this was because it had gotten unceremoniously canceled during the time that I was away. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as it unexpectedly appeared before me today.

The Quigmans is easily the worst comic strip running today. I actively despise it. I do not enjoy reading it at all, and it isn’t fun to mock, as most of the bad installments of The Quigmans are so loathsome that my comments on them tend to simply be pointing out why they are sexist or racist or otherwise evil. I should really stop reading it. But I probably never will, if only because editing a Chron comics page is more touble than it’s worth

Wikipedia, talking about the Creators Syndicate, says this is a discontinued strip of theirs, with the last one 29January2011.

Zoominfo has a great litenay of rants.  Worth the click to get there.

I am not certain how many books Hickerson has in print.  Amazon listed the above book, Sept 1990, and  “love Connection,” May 1992 and “Tunnel of Just Friends,” Aug 1996.  While the US copyright office lists “Don the Guy”, published by Nelvana Ltd., Quigmans, and Quigmans Love Connection.  Out of curiosity, I checked but they  have no listing for Mike Stanfill.

Well, before we read further, let us view three cartoons with gag and drawing by Hickerson, and three cartoons with gag by Stanfill and drawing by Hickerson.

Hickerson first.

And now, three with the gag by Stanfill.

Google has a whole bunch of his cartoons.

I mentioned Creator’s Syndicate earlier.  This link indicates that Hickerson drew “Mr. Vengeance” and did improv in Dallas in the early 90’s. “Mr. Vegeance” ran in the National Lampoon.

So, what is Hickerson doing these days?  Well, on something called, he lists current projects dating from 2006 to 2008, in cartooning and illustrations for editorial design, and caricatures, with the focus on Illustration and Character Design..

Wikipedia defines “character design” as follows;
Character design may refer to:

  • Characterisation, the process of conveying information about characters
  • Character creation, the process of defining a game character
  • Model sheet, a document used to help standardize the appearance, poses, and gestures of an animated character

Internet Movie Data Base places him in the Animation Department  on two TV shows.  One episode of God, the Devil and Bob, and ten episodes of Rocket Power.

Hickerson has a facebook page.  Well, more like a facenotepad page.  Basically it redirects you to his behance page.

I believe he also has a presence on “My Space.”  There is a post that he no longer has pink hair.  I think I will leave it at that.

Since this is about the Quigmans, well mostly, I left out extensive discussion about Mike Stanfill.  Do a search for him, and you will see that at least someone named “Mike Stanfill”, from Texas has an extensive presence on the internet.  Positive presence, not negative.

Oh, and a final cartoon.  My notes show it is, “courtesy deadman.gif.”  Whatever the hell that means.  Here it is.

Until next time.


I came across the following on the back of Mondo Bizarro.

Now, I am really finished.


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2 Responses to The Quigmans by Buddy Hickerson

  1. I was alerted to your update concerning the Quigs so thought I’d offer you some additional info.

    I ran a website that eventually became Its mission was to notate every time that Buddy re-used an old cartoon, which was quite frequently. This was due to him being an immense weasel. Eventually I began critiquing every new Quigmans cartoon, which resulted in a semi-vast readership. In March of 2010 the Quigmans went out of production and I shut the site down permanently.

    Buddy has never tried to erect a site to share the glory days of the Quigmans, which gives you an indication how much respect he had for the enterprise.

    And, yes, I’m the Texas Mike Stanfill with the vast internet presence. I even create a thrice-weekly progressive web comic because I just care so damn much. ;^)


    PS, as for the lady with the web site who KNOWS what that was all about.

    • jenn says:

      So great to know I wasn’t crazy when I just didn’t get it or think some were? You’re the funny one! Grew up in small town central texas, quigmans was proof I wasn’t alone in my humor. Thanks for all the lol moments at the breakfast table.

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