Nellie The Nurse

I certainly can not top the blurb on the back of the book.  There is no title page in this book, so I do not know when it was published.  I have another book, with a 35 ¢ cover price,  and it was copyright in 1961 and included cartoons from the 1950’s.  Since this one has a cover price of 50 ¢ I assume it dates from a later time.  In any case, quite a few of the cartoons in all the books are a bit risqué, which I find interesting, considering the lingering effects of Joe McCarthy, and also the comic book censorship of the 1950’s.  Maybe the fact that he was a CEO of a respected company, kept  the people who make it a crusade to mind the business of other people off his back.

I digress.

Take a look at the front and back covers of the next two books to see what I mean.

Kaz has his own website, with links to cartoons, and puzzles.  The latter was news to me, as I did not know he dabbled in those also.  This site also mentions that he employs 3500 in his businesses.  The photo from his website is obviously current.  He includes some interesting links.  One is in Italian.  I do not speak or read Italian, but cartoons are a universal language.

Kaz obviously keeps abreast of publishing opportunities, as evidenced by his foray into epublishing

From google, a page from the December 28, 1958 edition of the Bridgeport, Connecticut, Sunday Harold.  The article states he started drawing the cartoon after returning from Europe at the end of WW II.  There are several current (1958) cartoons in the article.

Nellie the Nurse was also a Marvel cartoon series from mid 1942 to 1952.  No connection between the cartoons and the comics.  Marvel has her as a curvaceous redhead.  Kaz’s Nellie is a brunette.

Here is an interesting site with images of everything Nurse Nellie, and variations thereupon.

Well, let us look at a few more cartoons before we part company.

I am not certain if she was referring to how he was holding the bride, or to later activities with the bride.  You decide.

No, I don’t know what it means either.  I am certain, however, that they studied the site carefully.

Ah, well.  As I said, a bit risqué for the times. 

Hope you enjoyed them.


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