Eggheads by Keane and Son


Here is an interesting collection. The drawings are instantly recognizable as the work of the Keane franchise. This book was published in May, 1983. I don’t know how many papers carried the strip, but I think it only ran from 1981 until 1983. The staple of the humor is to punish the reader.

Really PUNish them.

There is an excellent blog called, “Sunday Comics Debt.” This blog has quite a bit of information on the short lived strip and many of the cartoons. The following two quotes are from this blog.

“While (Bill Keane is) mostly known for producing The Family Circus, he briefly branched out in trying another comic strip from 1981-83 called Eggheads. If you’ve never heard of this, there’s a very good reason why.”  Well, obviously, the man does not appreciate a good pun now and then. He continues with, “This was a joint project between Bill Keane and his son, Jeff, who was the model for Jeffy in The Family Circus. You’d think that being immortalized as a little kid for life would be enough to demoralize your children from ever entering the business, but if you’re part of a million-dollar industry, those numbers start to look more attractive. Bill wrote the jokes, and Jeff drew the comic. The end result was everybody looking like Charlie Brown, and always doing backwards flops in response to horrible puns. I’ve done my best to spare you the brunt of the majority of the awful jokes. Trust me, they’re pretty bad.”

 His comment about Charlie Brown reminds me of Charles Schultz’s attempt to branch out into teenagers. Unfortunately, they all looked like elongated “Peanuts” characters. There was no dog, either.

Wikipedia as usual has an interesting page on Keane. They mention this book.

 Here are a few cartoons courtesy of  the “Sunday Comics Debt,” blog.


For more punishment, find an old copy of this book in a used book store.


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