Nadine Joy Seltzer (8 May 1929 – 20 May 2008)

The two “Sweetie Pie” books.

“Sweetie Pie”, 1955 and “More Sweetie Pie,” 1957.  Nowhere in either book is she called anything else than “Sweetie Pie,” so I guess that is her birth name.

A blogger by the name, “Hairy Green Eyeball, has the following quote, “Nadine Seltzer was a successful female cartoonist in a male-dominated field during the 1950s. Her daily panel, “Sweetie Pie,” was collected into a 1955 paperback book…” This blogger also has several of the single panel cartoons. I added a few of them at the end of this post.

This blogger also mentions that after the two books, Nadine Seltzer was not heard from again in the cartoon world. I was lucky to come across her “Life Story”, courtesy of a California Pastor, O. Kris Widmer. I have excerpted from his comments, but I urge you to view the whole Life Story.

Seltzer was born in 1929. Depression times for the family. After High School graduation in 1948 she attended Glendale College, earning a degree in Art. She worked in Los Angles in the 1950’s, and is on the voter rolls for 1952 and 1954 as Miss Nadine Seltzer, 3414 Montrose Avenue. She was a Republican. According to Pastor Widmer, she worked with a cartoonist partner, who drew the cartoon, while she wrote the captions. She would occasionally ink the artwork. She, however is given cover credit for the cartoon, and no other person is mentioned in either book. She had one child, Tanya, in 1965. There is no mention of the father. Seltzer died in Redding, CA in 2008.

Some of her cartoons, courtesy of the Hairy Green Eyeball.

Check out the Hairy Green Eyeball for more.



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