Short Ribs by Frank O’Neal

I do not remember when I first started reading the strip, but I enjoyed it during its run. The above book was printed in 1961, while the Beaumont collection was published in 1978.

Acording to Don Markstein’s Toonopedia, “Frank O’Neal, creator of Short Ribs, decided against using regular characters and a regular setting because avoiding them gave his strip greater flexibility.” I agree with that, and also mention that this was the time when Peanuts was gaining popularity. Both had simple line drawings, with the story told in pictures as much as text.

According to a site dedicated to Indiana Cartoonists, “When O’Neal left the strip in 1973, his assistant, Frank Hill, took over with hardly a break in style or appeal.”

Wikipedia has a nice succinct bio and history. as does  Syracuse University which mentions that he studied for three years with the cartoonist Jefferson Machamer.

 Both biographies comment that he did not begin formal training in cartooning until after WW II.  In 1950, he sold his first cartoon to The Saturday Evening Post.

 O’Neal also did the cover cartoon for an early video game, Dog Daze.

Here is a site with two examples of O’Neal’s drawing style.

And courtesy of the Beaumont collection,

The above two strips must date from the 1974 oil shortages.

The two following are typical non-political strips.

And finally, the final strip.


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