Suburban Cowgirls by Ed Colley and Janet Alfieri

The one on the right is Max, a single mother and morning DJ for WMOM. She has two kids, Jesse, who usually runs around in a batman cape, and Angie, who seems fairly normal. Her best friend, Darlene, the one on the left, is trying to fire up the romance in her 15 year marriage to Bob.

Ed (Edward Colley) is a political cartoonist.

From the website, of the Association of American Political Cartoonists, we have:

“Ed Colley, Born in Portland Maine. Education Boston University BFA-MFA. Editorial Cartoonist for Boston Globe South & Boston Globe Northwest. Awards (NEPA) several first place awards. The Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year. Work has been represented in this publication. Books published. Suburban Cowgirls, and a Fist Full of Credit Cards. Andrew and McMeel. Attack of the Political Cartoonists. 2004 Writer’s Handbook, instructor’s edition, cartoon in this edition.SNA (Suburban Newspapers of America) first place award. National Cartoonist Society Album 1996. (Tribune Media Services) syndicated strip “Surburban Cowgirls” form 1990to 1999.”

In 2007, three of his political cartoons were noted on this website.

 I Believe they had another book, “A Fistful of Credit Cards.” In 1993.

After that, I can find no further collections. While there is quite a bit of information on Colley, there is a real dearth of information on Janet Alfieri and her connection to “Suburban Cowgirls.”

Below is the first page from “Suburban Cowgirls.”


This link will provide you with a few more cartoons, and a whole bunch of other images which seem to fall within the category of “Suburan Cowgirl.”



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