Michael T. Hodgson.


The book is from the Army Times Publishing Company, copyright 1970.  Given the amount of love between the Army and the US Marine Corps, that must have hurt that the Army published Hodgson’s cartoons about the US Marines.

Unfortunately, my only copy of this book has been through a lot.  The back cover was obviously used by a child to practice scrawls and glue application.  Not much remains of the book description from that cover.

However, the introduction on the second page did survive some type of water bath, and provides the following.  Hodgson was born in Modesto, CA around 1945, and served in Vietnam in 1966.  He drew and sent home cartoons.  Eventually “Sgt Mike” was syndicated to about 60 outlets.  At the time of publication, he was attending college in Whittier, CA.  He was married in 1970.  He is also known for his works in oils.

He has three publications.

“With Sgt. Mike,” Published in one edition in 1969.

“With Sgt. Mike in Vietnam,” two editions, published in 1970.

“The Best of Sgt. Mike,” one edition, 1973.

I came across a blog with a bunch of “Sgt. Mike” cartoons, which the author had clipped from newspapers.  Here is the link.

I found the photo of Michael T. Hodgson dated March, 2012 on a website.

In closing, there is one cartoon where a colonel is telling someone, “We’ve got to get Sgt. Rathman in a position where he’s not responsible for anything.  I figure we can either bust him to private or promote him to second lieutenant.”

My kind of Marine Corps.

Ted Bryant, Cpl (E-4), USMC retired.


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18 Responses to SGT. MIKE

  1. donald richardson says:

    love sgt mike it was the corps i knew an experienced loved sledge and the gang ……..humor allways goes with the corps where ever it goes ….from 1775 on god bless em….

  2. Mike Hodgson says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the strip back in the day. My name is Mike Hodgson and I am the creator of With Sgt Mike cartoon strip. Always gratified when someone remembers it fondly.

    Semper Fi!!

    Sgt Mike (Mike Hodgson)

    P.S. I am trying to locate Lance Corporal Sledge who I served with in Vietnam ’65 – ’66. If anyone knows of him I would appreciate hearing from them.

    • Mel Boyd says:

      My name is Mel Boyd and I was in Nam 67-68 (USAF). My father found your cartoons in the Sacramento Bee where I am from and made a scrap book. He took pictures that I sent him from basic and mixed them with your cartoons. I never new about it until he sent the book to me at Cam Rahn Bay. My two best friends were in the bush, one Marine, and one Army, and only one came home, Me. Your cartoons helped me and the guys in my outfit get through some tough times and I will always treasure these cartoons
      as something very special. Thanks so much. If you are still in Sac or close I would love to meet you in person. I am sending you a link to my youtube site with a video I made with marine L/Cpl Chris Lambert of Alpha Co, who was in Hue City at the wrong time (68). The video is being used in Washington to get more funding for PTSD treatment.

    • Jack says:

      Used to sketch Sgt Mike characters, adding captions about Marines in my units, LOVED this comic strip. Great memories.

      Cpl. J.E. Labor – USMC ’67 – ’73

    • Mike,

      Loved your Pueblo cartoons.

      Stu Russell, SK3
      USS Pueblo

    • Bob Loew says:

      Mike, I thought I would look you up and found this. Long time since vets club at Rio. If you get this drop me an e-mail and we can catch up on how our lives went. Bob Loew

  3. Stan Wright says:

    During WW-II, my Dad Clipped “Sad Sack” cartoons, colored them with color picnics, and mailed them to my Mom. During Viet Nam, I clipped “With Sgt. Mike” from the Stars & Stripes, colored them, and mailed them to my Mom. She kept them all in a box with the cartoons from my Dad.

    • visualhumor says:

      That would be quite a collection mounted on a wall. Also, an interesting comparison between WWII and Viet Nam, the first the eternal looser, recognizable to everyone of that era, grunt or civilian. The second is a bit more cutting, real, and known to only a few.

  4. Richard says:

    I knew Mike from HS at Whittier High. I was wondering what HS he
    graduated from.

    • visualhumor says:

      Two years ago, Mike Hodgson had a comment on this blog. At the time he provided a gmail account. Scroll on down, to read his comment, and use the email address to ask him that question directly. Unfortunately, I do not have an answer.
      Thanks for reading the post.

      • Mike Hodgson says:

        Good to hear from you – family moved up to Fair Oaks, Ca. where I graduated from Bella Vista High School. Sorry I don’t recognize you from your picture. However it’s always great to hear from fellow Whittier High Cardinals! I must report that my wife of 46 years hails from El Rancho High! Hope to hear from you – I’m at

  5. Phil Millard says:

    Sgt Mike….I sure wish I could upload a picture here, I was the AS President at Rio Hondo in 1979-80, and I have the drawing you made for the lampoon drawing you made of the Rio Hondo Student Government Manual.

    Semper Fi Brother,

    Phil Millard
    USMC 69-75

  6. Cerberus says:

    I was only 11 years old in 1970 but I had an older brother in the Army and two in the USMC (one in SEA), and I became a big fan of Sgt. Mike. Our local newspaper carried his work in syndication, plus I had the same Sgt. Mike book shown above. I wore it dog-eared reading and using it as source material to practice drawing Sgt. Mike characters with different captions. Forty-six years later I still remember many of my favorites.

    As an aside related to the above Sgt. Mike comic that says “them B-52s pack quite a jolt “, I was a bit too young for SEA but later (1980s) served in the USAF on B-52s. My USMC brother described to me the impressive experience of witnessing Arc Light raids from the ground on several occasions. He was a Marine through and through but his experience in ‘Nam left him in awe of what BUFFs could (can) do.

    • visualhumor says:

      I really appreciate your comments and remembrances. I also appreciate that you and your siblings served our country. I may have been in the Marines, but all service members get my ‘thanks’.
      On a different subject, do you remember how long the cartoon was syndicated?
      Thanks again for your comments.

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