I recently had an opportunity to meet Rubin at a reading (well, I guess it was more of a drawing, as that was what he did for the audience).  He is a very personable guy, and it was a fun evening.  I was surprised that he would show up in my town, as it is definitely off the lecture circuit.  I think he had a local connection, which was why we got the opportunity to see him.

His single panel cartoon is carried in the local paper.  When asked about where he got ideas, he replied, “I start with this blank sheet of paper every day, and I don’t know where I’m going with it.”  I am not certain if that answered that particular question, but it certainly did give one audience member, a young man who was a budding cartoonist, an Ah ha! moment.

Rubin has his own website, which has an odd photo of him reading to a cow.  I am certain that there is more to the story.

I googled his name, and came up with this link, one of many, which has many images of his cartoons.

He had his own line of greeting cards in the early 1980s, and also self-published a cartoon collection.  He is now distributed by Creators Syndicate, in four hundred or so newspapers.

As usual, Wikipedia has a page on him.

You can follow “Rubes” on the web at Go Comics.

Here is a recent offering:

And, for the days when the local paper does not publish, I always have my wall calendar to help me get my fix of “Rubes” cartoons.


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