I remember the TV show from the early 1950s which was the genesis of this book.  There was a panel, with usually a guest panelist, and someone would step up to a large sheet of paper on some type of mount, and draw a Droodle.  The panelist would try to guess what it was.  You could send in drawings and hope to make some money.  For more information, see, IMDB, or Wikipedia.

At one time, there were several books out, filled with Droodles, and I believe they also were on the comics pages of newspapers.  For a while, it seemed that they were everywhere.  Eventually, the fad ran its course, and drifted away.  Think pet rocks, and that is what happened to Droodles.

To this day, I remember the famous, “Ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch.”

Whenever I draw this Droodle, I usually make the horizontal line wavy, as in waves.

In any case, Frank Zapppa had a 1982 album with this Droodle on the cover, along with the actual title, “Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch.”  More information, here.

This is the back cover of the Droodles #1 book.  It helps to remember that the Flying Saucer craze got started in 1949, so this Droodle from the 1953 edition of the book is quite appropriate.

A search for Droodle images will provide you with many interesting ideas.

There is also a comic strip, called “Droodles,” but it has nothing to do with these drawings.

So, grab a sheet of paper, amaze your friends, be the life of the party, embrace your inner cartoonist, enjoy life, be annoying, whatever, just have fun.


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