Joe Lane and his Little Nuns

Joe Lane, Cartoonist and his, Our Little Nuns.

This collection is the only one I have by Joe Lane.  It is copyright 1954 by the Catholic Church Extension Society of Chicago.

There is a note that the collection was created exclusively for the Extension Magazine by Joe Lane.

The Extension Magazine of today is probably a bit different than that of the 1950s.  For that matter, nuns as cartoon fodder are vastly different today than sixty plus years ago.  Do a search for nun cartoons and you will come up with edgy nuns, porn sites, and everything in between.

As for the cartoonist, Joe Lane, I can find very little.  I did find a site that lists six of his cartoon books.  Unfortunately, that site has no further information on the cartoonist.

So, we have a mystery cartoonist.  He did, however, leave us some nice cartoons.

Oh, and to add to they mystery, here is a link with a Joe Lane cartoon from a booklet entitled:  “Priests are Like People”  Also published by the Exension Magazine.  makes one wonder if possibly he was a Priest.

Here are three more of his nun cartoons.





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