Bill O’Malley and his Nuns

Bill O’Malley was a well-known cartoonist from the 1940s until his death in the 1970s.  Most of his work appeared in weekly magazines during those years.  his collections started appearing in books, both hardcover and paperback from the 1950s on.  Today he is best known for Two Nuns, Sister Maureen and Sister Colleen.  The Two Nuns often appeared in “Catholic Extension” magazine.

There is a good web site with personal remembrances of Bill O’malley, Check out the comment by Jack Howe.

Or, at Tony’s Trading Site which has a list of his books with some cover shots.

A book entitled “Best Cartoons of the year 1945” has the only bio I have been able to find, so here it is.

Now, two more of his cartoons.

In his later years, he and his wife, Ann, lived in Carmel Ca.


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One Response to Bill O’Malley and his Nuns

  1. Jack Howe says:

    Thank you for the comments on Bill O’Malley ! He was my great uncle left me thousands of cartoons by himself and his peers ! BTW Joe Lane took over Extensions Nuns after Bill Sued Extension for a pay raise as a result of the strong sales of the orignal (Julius Hoffman was the Judge) book ! Bill took his Nuns to Prentice/Hall , I don’t think Lane’s Nuns sold as well and faded. I happen have the originals of all these covers shown !

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