Brother Juniper


Brother Juniper.

Brother Juniper was drawn by Fred McCarthy, ordained in 1944 as Father Justin McCarthy. With a nod to the sad sack character of WW II fame, he at first called the cleric he drew, “Brother Sad Sack.”

The strip was syndicated for about 25 years, at one time appearing in 180 newspapers.

Fred McCarthy petitioned to return to the state of layman and have permission to marry.  The petition was granted by the Vatican. This, after his father’s death, which makes one wonder if he studied for the Priesthood at the behest of his father.

In any case, he married in 1966. He remained in the Secular Franciscan Order. He also obviously remained in good health, as he supposedly punted a football 40 yards in 2003 when he was 83.

 Brother Juniper and his alter ego, can be found on these sites.

And a few more cartoons.


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