As far as I can tell, there were two cartoon books from this conflict.  At least from the British side.  Since they won, I imagine they are quite proud of the cartoons.  I do not know how the Argentineans feel about it.  Leastwise, I have no cartoon collections from them about the conflict.

It has been thirty years since this little war.  The Falklands recently discovered oil.  Argentina has (re)built its military.  However, Argentina and the UK supposedly had an understanding, but oil exploration may muddy that understanding.

For an in depth look at the conflict, click here.   Or here for a general  history of the islands and the war.

Here is the cover of the first collection, printed in June 1982.

And the second, in August of that year.

The Term “Yomping” came into heavy use because of this conflict but has since faded  away.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a picture of “Yomping.”

These cartoons probably fall within the category of propaganda.  Today I imagine they are definitely not P.C.  Well, tough.

If you are curious about war propaganda cartoons do a search for banned cartoons, when you get there scroll down to the World War II Era  Collection.  Anyway, the cartoons are biased, dismissive of the enemy, and, as far as I am concerned, downright funny.

Let’s look at a few more.

Well, if you know of any other cartoons from this conflict, let me know.


It has been five months since I published this.  I came across the following and felt it needed to be here.  We joke about war, but then…

Ted, The Dalles, OR September 23, 2013


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7 Responses to THE FALKLANDS!

  1. Kristine says:

    These are great! I haven’t seen these comics before. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kellie says:

    My great uncle is Arthur Huddart I love looking at his old drawings 🙂

  3. I love these books, my Grandad (who incidentally served as an armourer on HMS Ark Royal when they sank the Bismark) bought them for me and I still have them I just love the one with the Vulcan bombing the airfield! My Uncle Mike was one of the first 17 men into Port Stanley and I remember writing to him often during the Conflict and the First Gulf War where he also served -they both left some pretty deep scars on him.

  4. Doreen says:

    My brother was Arthur Huudart, he did some wonderful cartoon,s, Quit a lot of the family as well which my daughter still has to this day, Art, Spider, and Carr appeared on the tv show Pebble Mill at one at the time, one very proud sister, what a wonderful team.

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