David Fletcher

About the same time I was in New Zealand looking at the Footrot Flats Theme Park, I picked up some cartoon books at a bookstore.  Probably a used book place, but maybe a regular new book place.  One of the books was “Grasp & Co.”  The strip dealt with a company of the same name, and its inhabitants.  Er, workers.  I have volume 2, and don’t believe there was a volume 3.  I did a search, and found something on Google Books, which said it was volume two, but looks nothing like my cover.

In any case, David Fletcher seemed to put his energy into another strip which is still running in papers in Europe, Britain, Australia, NZ, Africa and other countries, but not the US.  This strip is “The Politician.”  The title character could be recognized in most any country.  Unfortunately. 

David Fletcher has a bit of fun with the covers of the book.

To the left is the front cover.

And the back cover.

David Fletcher launched another strip, “Crumb” about a blackbird.  In an article, link below, he has some interesting quotes about comics for mobile phones (cell phones to us in the US).  He also commented about “Crumb” being distributed in Chinese in China. The link: Rediff

I originally stumbled across “Crumb” on Go Comics.  Give it a look, you might like it.

You can also see what he is publishing daily in the newspapers, by checking the New Zealand Cartoon Gallery.  nzcartoons.

Webcomics Nation has “Crumb”, on line, but the real treat is to follow the link and then click on “Read Reviews” and a portal to another universe opens up.  Enjoy.  Webcomics.

Finally, comics sherppa, has a succinct bio of David Fletcher.

Until next time.


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